Antiques and collectibles can be difficult to sell in a tough economy, mainly because they aren't necessities. Trying to sell antiques can be frustrating to say the least. This article focuses on the different places that you can go to sell antiques and other collectibles.

Things You Will Need

Pen and Paper

Step 1

Sell on Craigslist or eBay. Ebay is one of the world's leading peer-to-peer selling venues. You can literally sell anything on this site. Many collectors go here to find collectibles and antiques at a discounted price. Some collectors are so desperate for certain items, they might pay more. Craigslist is similar to eBay but it's free. You can't reach as many people on Craigslist but you don't have to pay any fees.

Step 2

Find a local collector. You can look online or in your phone book for collectors. Once you've located a collector, call them first to see if they're interested in your item. Most of the local collectors only do it for money, meaning they have to make a profit. So, it's better to sell online first. Most collectors are particular about what items they buy.

Step 3

Sell at an antique auction. Auctions are pretty common in all areas but antique auctions might require a bit of traveling. The one catch involved in an auction is the fees. You have to pay the auctioneer a percentage of the sale, which is a ovious downside.

Step 4

Sell to a friend or family member. The best reason to sell to a friend or family member is because they know how much the item is really worth. This method is much more preferable than selling at a garage sell. Even if they don't want to buy the item, they might be able to connect you with a buyer.

Step 5

Sell at a flea market. Flea markets are local markets setup by individuals for the purpose of selling items to other people. It's similar to a yard sell but you can get more money out of your items if you run into the right person. Flea markets offer a higher number of customers in one area. Most of these customers are looking for a bargain, but occasionally you will run into someone looking for your item.

Step 6

Sit on it and wait. The best part about antiques and collectibles is the value. The value always goes up and never goes down. Which means, you can sit on an item for a long period of time without losing any money. Unless you are desperate to sell the item, you can wait for the right price.

Tips & Warnings