Yard sales and flea markets have been known as avenues for buying and selling for a long time, but what is not known is how much you can actually make from a flea market. The purpose of buying and selling is to make money and the method of buying from yard sales and selling in flea markets is one of the best ways to make money.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Buy specific items. You should buy items that are in high demand, have a high profit margin and items that go up in value. Focus on items like antiques, because it's not widely known how much antiques are actually worth. Not everyone can look-up the price of an antique but you might already know because of past research.

Step 2

Shop on certain days, and sell on certain days. You should be buying during the morning hours of the weekend and selling toward the later hours of the weekend. The yard sales normally open up early in the day and run on throughout the day. Flea markets are similar in that they run on the weekend, but the bulk of customers will not get there till later in the day. You want to get the "good stuff" at yard sales early in the day time and sell at flea markets late when all the customers arrive.

Step 3

Buy from yard sales. You should buy from yard sales but you should go for the upper class neighborhoods. These people are more likely to let an item go without negotiating then working class neighborhoods. Normally rich men will watch they're money, but women are usually responsible for the organization of yard sales.

Step 4

Sell at flea markets. Flea markets have the ability to bring customers to you and charge you a monthly fee for use of the lot space. The fee is small compared to the amount of customers that you have access to. You should sell in middle class areas where people are watching their money but not too much. You are targeting the customer that comes to the flea markets to save money.

Step 5

Location is important. You should be close to the entrance or near the middle of the flea market. This will enable you to see the most customers and get noticed at the same time. The middle is actually a better spot, because people are less likely to walk all the way back to the entrance. Even though you get seen more at the entrance, people usually don't stop at the first place they see.

Step 6

Engage customers and be respectful. You should use personality and engage the customers, you can even get people near your store with small contests or free drinks. This will cost money in the short-term, but regular customers will take notice and give you business. Be friendly to customers and never disrespect someone because of the amount they offer you.


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