Gold is one of the most secure commodities available. The best single reason to buy gold is because of it's re-sell value. You can sell gold to almost anyone, but it's hard to know your dealing with is a legitimate company. There are many jewelry scams online and in real life. This article talks about the different ways you can prevent scams and how to get the most money for your gold with the least amount of waiting time.

Things You Will Need

pen and paper

Step 1

Get the gold weighed. You should buy your own scales or get someone you trust to weigh the gold. You can't trust anyone when it comes to gold. Most people don't realize the amount of gold that gets scammed every year because the customer don't know what they're gold is worth. These scam artists can shave some weight off your gold with scales that have been tampered with.

Step 2

Research the price per ounce. This information is important to lookup what your gold is valued at. You can go online to find the price per ounce and use a calculator to multiply the amount of ounces and the price per ounce. This way, you will know how much to ask for when you sell it.

Step 3

Go to individual gold rating sites. Rating sites that are commonly used to rate the best gold companies. These sites list the best companies that have won the most awards or had the most success. You can pretty much bank on one of these companies being legitimate.

Step 4

Research the top 5 most recommended gold buying companies. Some companies offer hundreds in bonus money for first time customers. These companies have the ability to offer you bonus money plus top dollar for your gold. As a result, you get more money for your gold.

Step 5

Check the companies legitimacy. You should be able to go to the Better Business Beureau website and find out if a company has complaints and what the complaints are. You should also be aware of companies that are brand new and haven't had the chance to be reported for fraud. You should also consider that a few complaints is normal because of the large number of customers.

Step 6

Negotiate with the company buying your gold. You will always have the option of negotiating since you are a first time customer and you are especially valuable to them. Even if you don't have a ton of gold, you can still get bonus money and extras. Always be aware of companies that offer unreasonable bonuses that seem a little unusual.


Tips & Warnings