Have you ever dreamed about starting your own online store? You will be the boss and will earn a nice living off of selling your merchandise straight from your website. As customers order your stuff, all you have to do is ship it out to them. It would be great wouldn't it! Can you imagine all of the money that you could make. You know it would be hard work, but you also know that it would be worth it in the long run, no more having to go to that job you hate every single day.

Well it is possible to start your own online merchant store, and the best part is that it is not very difficult to do if you make your business plans ahead. It is not difficult to open up a nice looking website to display your items and accept payments for your items. The challenging part will be finding merchandise that you need at true wholesale prices so that you can make a decent profit when selling your items. Getting good wholesale prices usually involves buying merchandise in bulk, which can become rather expensive. The more you buy of an item, the cheaper you will usually get it for. To buy merchandise at true wholesale prices, you are going to need a resellers permit, so make sure you get one before trying to buy from wholesale companies. Some companies will not ask you for your resellers permit when selling to you, this is because they are not a true wholesale company. They are what many refer to as the middle-man, pretending to be the true wholesaler.

Buying your own merchandise to sell online is great if you can do it. The problem most people have is that they just cannot afford it. It will be a very large investment for anyone who is trying to go this route. It can also be a gamble as your merchandise may not sell as quickly as you would like it to and you may get stuck with a huge pile of inventory sitting around for many years.

This is where dropshipping comes into play. What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is when you never stock any merchandise at all. You never order any product from the wholesaler, until you get a customer to buy from you. Using dropshipping is a legitimate way that many big time sellers use to make their money. Dropshipping is safe because you do not have to risk holding on to a bunch of unwanted products, plus you do not have to invest thousands and thousands of dollars buying all of that inventory. There are many online sellers who run their own websites, sell on eBay, or sell on other e-commerce sites, and they never stock any merchandise at all.

Many dropshipping companies out there will supply you with pictures and descriptions of their items for you to place on your website so that you can sell their products. When you receive an order at your asking retail price, you then pay the wholesale company for the item (at the wholesale price of course.) When making your payment for the item to the wholesale company, you give the customers name and address to them also, and they will ship the product to your customer under your name. The customer will never know that their order came from someone else, they will automatically assume that their order was shipped directly from you as your return address will also be on the package. Dropshipping is great because you do not have to pay for the item until you get paid.

Have you ever wondered where the eBay power sellers get all of their merchandise? Did you think that they stock all of the thousands of items that they have listed? Think again! Many of them use dropshipping to their advantage and have been in the game for a very long time. They make a very comfortable living off of their eBay sales, yet they never have to ship anything themselves.

Worldwide Brands is one of the top wholesale dropshipping sources in the industry. They will give you access to all sorts of products for you to sell. The price to join Worldwide Brands is probably more expensive than most other dropshipping sources, but members of Worldwide Brands all seem to say that they have been completely satisfied with Worldwide Brands and would never choose another dropshipping source over them.

Doba is another great wholesale dropshipping website that offers their members a free 14 day trial. You don't have to pay anything to get started with them. They have been around for many years and have been one of the most widely used wholesale dropshipping sites out there.

No matter what wholesale dropshipping company you use, you can make some serious money online with dropshipping. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can not do it, you can make all of your dreams possible, even running a profitable e-commerce site or becoming an eBay power seller.