Want to know how to sell things online for cash? Perhaps you have a few possessions around your house that are taking up space or you just want to start a new business venture. One things for sure anyone can sell stuff online. There are thousands of websites that sell items and many of them are willing to let you sell your stuff there as well you just have to know where to look. If your feeling more independent you could always start your own ecommerce website and you will be spoilt for choice when you look for the tools that will help you along your way.

Selling on Ebay online

Ebay.com is the worlds most popular auction site. They receive millions of website visitors a month so if you are just starting out or only have a few things to sell this may be a great option for you. You can sell new or used goods from physical items like clothes and DVDs, to non physical items such as, websites and ebooks.

How it works

Once you have opened a free Ebay account you have to list the item you want to put up for sale. You have two choices an auction listing or a buy it now listing. With an auction listing you add a start price then people can bid how much they are willing to pay for that item. When the auction ends the highest bidder wins and they are allowed to buy it for that price. If you are worried that you may end up selling something for a price too low you could always set a reserve price. If the reserve price is lower than the highest bid the item will remain unsold and you will not have to sell it at that price.

Example: You list a auction listing for an Ipod with a $200 reserve price. The starting bid will be for $0.99 but by the time the auction ends the highest bid is only $150. Since your $200 reserve price has not been met you have no obligation to sell the Ipod to the highest bidder.

You list an auction listing for a leather jacket with no reserve price. The starting bid is $0.99 and when the auction ends the highest bid is $40. Once the buyer pays the money you deliver the item to them.

The buy it now listing is more simpler, you create a listing for your item with a price, then it can be immediately bought at that price. Ebay auctions usually last 3- 7 days but with the buy it now listing the buyer does not have to wait so long to make a purchase.

To sell on Ebay you will need to have a free paypal.com account to allow you to receive payments

Craigs list

Craiglist is a popular classified ads website. It covers all the cities in America and has many categories for you to choose from. You can use Craiglist to sell merchandise online by creating a free advertisement in the 'for sale' category. You can sell anything from dvds, toys and clothes to collectables or tickets. There is even a free category where people list possessions they are willing to dispose of by offering it to someone else for free. If you run out of things to sell you could have a look at the free section and see if there is anything you could resell on Craiglist itself or on Ebay. Some people make hundreds of dollars every month just by finding freebies on Craiglist and selling them. Almost every classified ad site has a freebie section so you have plenty of places to look. Gumtree is the UK alternative to Craiglist so if you are from the UK you could look on Gumtree instead.

Craiglist also has a wanted section. Keep an eye on the types of things people want and have a look around Craiglist and other classified ad sites to see if anyone is giving any away. If you find something go to collect it then contact the person on Craiglist and tell them that you have one that they can buy for a good price. Use your persuasion skills to try and close the deal and bargain with them if you have to.


The mighty Amazon.com. You can retail goods online by joining Amazons seller central programme. Do a quick search for something you want to sell then click onto the product page. On the right hand side in the sidebar there is a small box that says 'sell yours here' at the bottom. You can sell new or used items. This is a great option to sell things online free. As long as there is a product page for the goods you want to sell you can list your own for free. Unlike Ebay you don't have to pay to list an item, for sale, so Amazon is a great alternative. Just upload your inventory, set your price and away you go!

If you plan on selling lots of merchandise on Amazon it is better to get a seller pro account. For $39.99 a month you can have unlimited sales and create as many product pages as you want.

Amazon is particularly useful if you want to sell books online.There are even software and mobile applications that you can use to scan book, CDs, games and DVD barcodes to see if they are being sold on Amazon and at what price. It will show you how many sellers are pushing that one item so you can see if it is worth buying to resell on Amazon. Two popular choices fore these type of apps are ASellerTool and Scoutpal. With these tools at your disposal a trip to the second hand book store or charity shop could turn out to be very profitable.

Fulfillment by Amazon

If your short of space but want to sell lots of items on Amazon you could use the Fulfillment by Amazon programme. You will send your items to Amazons warehouse and rent the space at an affordable price per square foot. Whenever your item is sold, Amazon will pack and deliver your product to your customers.

selling online tips

Whatever method you choose to sell stuff through the world wide web, treat it like a real business even if you are only selling a few things. If a payment processor is necessary use one that has extra measures in place to prevent fraud and scammers from trying to rip you off. I hope you have found the answers that helped you find out how to sell things online.