The Best Three Ways To Sell Your CDs or DVDs

After purchasing my iPod last year, it became rather obvious that I no longer needed to hold onto my CDs, or for that matter my DVDs, so I decided to sell them.

I broke my CDs/DVDs into three major groups after looking them up on either eBay or

1) Premium CDs/DVDs ($10.00 - on up): These are all the items that for one reason or another (e.g., out of print CD) are fetching a price above $10.00.   The $10.00 dollar mark for me was my marking off point, but you can lower or raise it as you see fit.

2) Middle of the road CDs/DVDs ($1.50 - $9.99): These are all the items that were less than $10.00 but worth more than $1.50.

3)  Average CDs/DVDs ($0.10 - $1.49) : These items were less than $1.50.  


The reason I broke my CD's/DVDs down into three groups was:  

1) I wanted to get top dollar for my Premium CDs/DVDs by selling them via

2) I wanted to get a decent price from for my Middle of the road CDs/DVDs

3) I wanted to trade my Average CDs/DVDs in for a new iPod Nano via


Selling your Premium CDs/DVDs on Ebay (

You will want to sell them on ebay as a "Fixed Price" items and not Auction items.  The reason you would want to list your cd's as "Fixed Price" is to keep the cd up on ebay until it actually sells.  If you chose to sell them as an Auction item, you would have to hope the items sells within the time frame for the auction.  

TIP:  Include a "Best Offer" in the listing.  "Best Offer" allows the shopper to submit a price lower than what is listed in hopes of you agreeing to sell it.  You as the sell can set a level for "Best Offer" to decline.  In other words, if you have a $15.00 cd, you can set the minimum "Best Offer" at $12.00 and have the system automatically decline any offers lower.

TIP 2: I typically mark my used cd one cent lower than the lowest cd listed in its category ("Like New","Very Good", or "Good").  

Selling your Middle of the road CDs/DVDs to (

The quickest way to sell to SecondSpin is too type in the UPC numbers on the back of your CDs.  If for whatever reason the CD you have does not have a UPC (for example, some import CD's do not have a UPC) you can also do a look up on the title.  One of the advantages of selling to SecondSpin is that they reimburse you for the shipping cost.   Also, you can get payment either via Check or paypal.    

Trading in your Average CDs/DVDs to iPodmeister (

iPodmeister will allow you to ship (at their expense) your collection of CDs or DVDs in trade for e-reader (e.g., Kindle), Media Player (e.g., iPod), smart phone (e.g., iPhone), External Harddrive, or even a Tablet Computer (e.g. iPad).  

Things to know:

They will not accept penny CD's.  Meaning, the CDs or DVDs you trade in must be worth more than a penny.  

Your CD's or DVD's must be in sellable shape.  In other words, no scratches on the CD, and the CD's include the original cover sleeves and art.  

They will accept cracked Jewel Cases, but they will charge a minumum amount to replace the jewel case.

They do not accept CD Promos, EP's, CD Singles, or incomplete box sets.

A plus with ipodmeister is they will give you a dollar credit for every single disc in a collection. What does this mean?  It means the you can trade in a DVD that is a 2 disc set and they will give you a dollar credit for each disc.    

Hope this sheds some light on the process of Selling Your CDs /DVDs!