How to sell on Craigslist tips

Selling on Craigslist really isn't that hard. If you're not familiar with Craigslist, Craigslist is a website when you can post classifieds for an item and people contact you through a hidden email or phone (if you leave your number). Too many times I see people selling high-end things, yet never making the sale because of stupid mistakes. How exactly to sell on Craigslist is not a scientific equation and there is no precise way to do it. It only takes one simple step of clicking the post button and it can be done in minutes. However, use these simple how to sell tips for best results.

                How to sell on Craigslist tips:

                1. Get a smart phone. Craigslist is a very quick selling environment. After the seller posts something, it's usually gone within a day, sometimes less. The key to responding fast is a smart phone because any time you get a new email or text your immediately on it! People love fast responders because as long as they have the desire to want an item, the faster the selling process will go.

                2.  Make a knock-out title. In a world where there may be hundreds of postings it may be hard to stick out. The key to sticking out is your title! Your title needs to be eye-catching. Capitalize all letters. Your title needs to be convincing. Use keywords like, "Cheap", "Great condition", "Great gift". Your title needs to have the necessary specifics.  If it's an iPod, use phrases like, "32gb", "Slightly used", "4th generation" "Black color".

                3. A description is equally important as a title. There's no need to make it eye-catching as once a user clicks, they can't go anywhere, but make certain words bold or capital if you're trying to make something a point. If you want them to notice it's in great condition, then capitalize "Great". Always put tags at the bottom if it's a popular item. Using the example of an iPod then tags could be, "Apple", "32gb", "New", "Cheap", "Chicago (city name)" "No shipping".  Write a very informative description. State whether you will ship, use PayPal, drive, use email etc. This will help tremendously as many questions have to do with simple things. The information in the description should include a detailed condition, a detailed price (firm or not), where your located, pictures of the product, and anything the buyer may find useful.

                4. First impressions are everything, so don't make dumb mistakes. I would first type your description in Word to make sure everything is spell checked. You want to act professional because no one wants to buy from someone who can't spell simple grammar. Also, if you're including your telephone number then double-check it. It's really pointless when people are contacting for an item and they can't find the seller.

                In conclusion, selling really isn't that hard. If you use your common sense and follow my tips, you will sell your product in no time.