Computer basics… How to simply send one email to multiple recipients..

 I had a question recently from my MIL about how to send an email to more than one recipient without sending an impersonal email to all of the members of her address book.

 May sound simple to those of us who have been using email clients for ever and a day but I can understand that it is often the simple things that take forever.. anyhow here is the simple step by step process.

 In her case she wanted to send a personalized birthday invite to many recipients. My first suggestion was to write the invite in word and send the attachment to all the individual receivers. Since she was not familiar with how to attach the document to the email I abandoned this tack. If you need this help I will put the article in later as to how to do this simply.

 Her email program was ‘Outlook’ and there are many others but they all work pretty much the same when it comes to this task.

 Step 1:

Open a blank email on your email program and write the email content that you want to send to each person. Leave out the person’s name however if you want to personalize every one you send.

 Step 2:

In the address line at the moment leave blank until we have determined who we want to send the message to. Before we hit the send button we want to do the following:

 Step 3:

Once you have completed the text in the main body of the email you want to highlight all the text, you can do this a couple of ways, the easiest is to double or triple click somewhere in the main text body. This should highlight all of the text. The second way would be to put the cursor at the beginning of the text and drag the mouse over all the text, this again should highlight all the text.

 You then want to right click in the main body of the text, this will bring up a box to make some choices from, you want to choose ‘copy’. The box will disappear and return you to the email. What has happened though is that the text you ‘copied’ has been remembered in the systems memory, it will stay there until you either shut down the computer or copy something else.

 Step 4:

Now you want to input the recipient of the mail you have typed and personalize their message with their name and add in any additional text you think might be appropriate to them, then hit the send button.

 Step 5:

Open up a new email message and this time enters the name of the recipient you want to send the message to.

In the main body of the email message you want to ‘paste’ the email we wrote initially, to do this you again right click anywhere in the main area of the mail message and again should see the message box come up.

 This time you need to select ‘Paste’ and when you have done so you will see the message we wrote originally in the main body of the message.

 Step 6:

You can repeat the steps 4 and 5 over and over until you have written the message to as many recipients you wanted.

 That’s it, which is as complicated as it gets.

 If you want to do something more sophisticated then you can consider a ‘mail merge’ document, this gets slightly more complicated and would be useful if you wanted to send the message in a word document to many recipients. It has the power to personalize each letter also; you only need to write it out once though.

 Hope that has been helpful.