It is easy to serve healthy fruit snacks. But, of course, even if you serve them, perhaps no one will eat them? But, if you serve healthy fruit snacks the LAZY way, it is practically guaranteed that your family will eat them right up! It's easy for you and good for them, so let's get started!

Things You Will Need

* wire hanging basket
* cup hook (1 or 2 inch size)
* fresh fruit

Step 1

wirebasketGet a wire hanging basket to serve the healthy fruit snacks in. You can buy a new one, if you feel you must, but these are usually readily available for a low price at yard sales or thrift stores.

Step 2

cuphookGet a cup hook (a big one, about an inch or two). It needs to be strong, since it will be holding a lot of weight. Screw it into your ceiling or the top of the door frame, in the area where you want to serve your healthy fruit snacks. This might be either the kitchen or dining room, for example. Think carefully about where to put it, so that it is not in the way, but is still easy to see and reach.

Step 3

hangingHang the wire basket from the cup hook.

Step 4

healthy fruit snackFill up the basket with healthy fruit snacks. If your family is not used to eating much fruit yet, then bananas and "cuties" (little tiny oranges) are good to start with. Later, you can introduce all kinds of oranges and apples and other fruits. When healthy fruit snacks are out in plain view and not hidden in the fridge, it's easy for people to remember to eat them.
This has been a great arrangement for our family, and I hope it will work for your family, too. You can also use a wire hanging basket for garlic (small part on top), onions (in the middle) and potatoes (on the bottom). Enjoy!

Tips & Warnings