Facebook Places logoFacebook Places is the new Foursquare and since there are over 500 million Facebook users to date, it's important to add your business as a location in Facebook Places. In this article, I'll show you how to add your business location and details to Facebook Places in three simple steps.

Things You Will Need

- One smartphone (such as the iPhone)
- A computer
- Internet Access

Step 1

Find Your Place

If no one has checked in to your company's location, you'll need to open the Facebook iPhone app or access Facebook for touch devices in your smartphone browser. (Your smartphone's browser should support HTML 5 and geolocation.) Search for the place to see if it exists already. If not, click the "Add" or "+" sign to add your business details.

Step 2

Claim Your Place

Facebook should discover your telephone number once your business is added. If it does, do not verify the number from your iPhone or smartphone. Log into Facebook from your computer and find the Place you created by searching for it. On your Place's page, click the "Is this your business?" link. Facebook will now verify your location by telephone. If Facebook was unable to locate your telephone number or the telephone number is incorrect, they will request that you verify your business by a document verification process.

Step 3

Merge Your Place and Fan Page (or not)

Once you've verified your Place, it's possible to merge your Place with your company Fan Page, but only if Facebook offers it to you as an option. At this time, Facebook does this on a limited basis and suggests that you separately maintain your Place and Fan pages.

That's it! Now you can see who is checking into your business or establishment on a regular basis, and you can connect more personally with your customers and clients. Have fun!

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