The first step to being a player online !

How to set up a website in less than an hour


Ok this can take you months, if you want to waste your time looking for advice on the internet .However as we are trying for under an hour lets get straight to it.Dont mess about Install wordpress, it is the quickest most user friendly route to being online. Unless you want to have a dot.blogger or dot.wordpress Url then you are going to have to self host. To do this you need to get a service hosting package. There are plenty online and you should have a look around and see which company has a package that suits you, however as a default I recommend hostgator. They are pretty straight forward to set up and get going although you could also consider bluehost or 1and1 etc. Once you have a host you need a domain. You can usually get one of these from your host or you might try godaddy or telivo etc. You have a choice of several suffixes right now and the choice will only widen, but for the moment I still prefer for worldwide kudos.  Ok that done you need to set your domain to your host nameservers. Once that is done its back to wordpress .org and do an install. Once your install is complete you will be able to see the landing page for your site(its called a blog on word press but its a site) now you need to pick a theme(template) you can spend weeks on google looking for best advice but I recommend installing something you like the look of and getting stuck in. The best feature of word press is its adaptability, you can chop and change your theme and always move your content over to another theme if, after a few tests you are not happy with the look of your site. Also don’t be scared of plug ins. These are the add ons to word press that you can use to make your site look pro. Quality site builders will tell you that too many plug ins will slow your site down and this is very true but in the beta(testing) stage you can download and play with as many as you want and when you are happy with the tests you have carried out then simply delete the plug ins you are not happy to use for your final product. Okay so that’s it you have a front page and an actual web landing site that you can pass out to your friends and fans in my next article I am going to show you how to take it to the next level.