What is SwagBucks

SwagBucks is a web site that allows you to earn 'Swag Bucks' for doing many of the things you already do on the Internet.  The main one being doing Internet searches with Google.  Some other things that can earn 'Swag Bucks' are answering polls, watching videos, or making purchases.

After you have accumulated some 'Swag Bucks' you can exchange them for lots of different merchandise in the Swag Store.  Some of the most appealing items in the Swag store are gift cards to places like Amazon.com, Lowes, Travelocity and many more.

To get you started on you way to your first purchase in the Swag Store you receive 30 Swag bucks, just for signing up.  Sign up for Swag Bucks now!

Following the steps below to set SwagBucks to be the default search engine in Google Chrome will set your Swag Bucks earnings on cruise control.  You may not get an exceptional amount of them at any one time, but they will slowly build up.  Throw in a couple polls a week and your time investment still is almost nothing.

About the only change you'll see is ocassionally you'll get a popup in your search results telling you that you've won X amount of Swag Bucks and to under the letters displayed in the box.  This is a quick step just to make sure you're an actual human user and not some program set to do repeated searches.

Get into the options tab

Once you're setup with SwagBucks you'll want to use it to do as much of your Internet searching as possible. You can set SwagBucks as your homepage, but for many people this may be impractical or just an unwanted change.

Setting SwagBucks as the default search engine in your web browser is the easiest way I've found to do all your searching with SwagBucks. In Chrome this means you can just type your search term into the address bar and SwagBucks will be uses.

Click "Customize and Control Google Chrome", it's the wrench to the right of the address line.  This will display the "Options - Basic" page

Chrome Options

Edit the search engines

Part way down the Options page will be the Search settings.  Click on the "Manage Search Engines" button to display the "Search Engines" page.

Check the list of "Default Search Options" for one that uses SwagBucks.  If one does exist, simple select the "Make Default" option at the right of it.

If the SwagBucks engine isn't listed you can add one at the bottom of the form.  Give it a name and keyword of your chosing and then a url of http://search.swagbucks.com/?t=w&p=1&q=%s

Once this is added it can be set as the default search engine.

Search Engines(77212)

Now you're ready to search

Now anytime you type a search into the address field it will use SwagBucks by default.

URL Search

This way you wont forgot to go to SwagBucks to do your search.  And the results that SwagBucks gives you are straight from Google.