Do you and your Spouse have trouble knowing each other's schedule? Wish their was a way to Sync your lives in an instant? Google Calendar has come to the rescue. Google Calendar is a wonderful way to always let your Spouse know of any changes made in your daily, weekly, and or monthly schedule. I'm going to walk you through the basic steps of setting up your Google Calendar and allowing it to Sync with your Spouse's Calendar. When we're done you and your Spouse will be able to find that perfect time to have your romantic date night.

Things You Will Need

Google Email account (also known as Gmail).

Smart phone with data connection

Step 1

The first step in sharing your Google Calendar with your Spouse is to create a Gmail. Your Spouse will have to create an account as well. If you and your spouse already have Gmail accounts you can skip to the next step.

Setting up a Gmail account is super easy. Just head to and click create new account. Follow the instructions to enter basic information about yourself. Once the account is created for you and your Spouse you are ready to start your Google Calendar.

Step 2

Now, Let's set up your Google Calendar. While signed in to your Gmail account click the Calendar link at the top left of the page. This is going to open a new browser window with your Google Calendar. Click the settings link on the top right and choose Calendar settings. Directly underneath the Calendar settings header click the Calendars link. You will now see a list of all your Calendars you have created on your account. (If you're new to Gmail you can create several Calendars and Sync them with not only your Spouse but others too)

Now to share the Calendar. Click the link to the right of the Calendar you want to share with your Spouse. It will give you an option to share with specific people. Under Person enter your Spouse's new Gmail address. Under the Permission settings select make changes and manage sharing. Now click add Person and you should see your Spouse's Gmail address under yours with the proper permission settings. Click Save and you're done.

Click back to Calendar and create a "test" event. We will use this to make sure both accounts re Synced correctly.

Repeat these steps on your Spouse's Gmail account to have the Calendar sharing mutual

Step 3

Now that both Google Calendars are set up and permissions are given you will be be able to login to your account and see your Spouse's Calendar events mixed in with your events. You can change the colors of the Calendar events if you like by clicking the drop down box beside each account. Changing the color on your Google Calendar will not affect your Spouse's color layout.

Step 4

Using a Smart Phone will allow for instant updates and views on the go. If you have a Google Android device set up is easy. All you have to do is set up your Gmail account in your phone. To set up your Gmail account Go to Settings>Accounts>Add account>Google>Sign in. Once that is done select to Sync Calendar (you can also select Contacts and Gmail) and your Android Smart Phone will begain to download both yours and your Spouse's Google Calendar events.

If you have another Smart Phone type you will need to download Google Sync to your Phone. You can do this by going to the Phone's web browser and using to search for Google Sync. Follow the instructions to downlaod Google Sync. After Google Sync is installed run the program and enter in your Gmail information. Select the option to Sync Calendar and your Smart Phone will begain to download yours and your Spouse's Google Calendar events.

You will now be able to create Google Calendar events from your Smart Phone and your Spouse will be instantly notified with the event information created.

Having a Spouse with a busy work schedule can be hectic on a relationship. If both you and your Spouse have busy work schedules it can be near impossiable to spend quality time together. With the help of Google Calendar and your ablility to share your schedules instantly you and your Spouse can find that perfect time to spend together.

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