Many people foolishly think that, in order to show that they love their dog, they must spoil it.

How wrong they are.

Most of the ways that a person spoils a dog, are not beneficial to the animal, and neither, perhaps, to the owner. So let's look at a few ideas.

Things You Will Need

Common sense


Pet insurance

To learn how to care for a dog properly.

To train your pet.

Time and effort


Step 1

Hold back on the treats

Many store bought dog, treats contain too much protein and additives to really benefit the dog. You do not have to stuff food into your dog constantly, to show that you care. In fact, doing so could actually be cruel.

An overweight dog runs a greater risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes and joint problems. Although these days many of these conditions can be treat, they will inevitably shorten the animal's lifespan, cost you a small fortune and may cause the dog pain.

Be kind and check the label of store bought, dog treats. If you feed your dog appropriately, it does not really need to eat treats also. You can, however, offer the dog a slice of raw carrott or of apple as a healthy alternative.

Step 2

Letting a dog rule the roost is not showing love.

Dogs need to have a master or mistress. They like to follow a pecking order and know who is the boss. They also need to know where they fit in the heirarchy of your household.

The people must come first, with the longest dog resident next, and newcomer dogs following on.

There are many ways that you can ensure that a dog knows he or she is not the boss.

You must go through doorways first, for example. Check out the best ways to keep your dog in its rightful place. In the long run the dog will be much happier than having the responsibility of being the pack leader.

Dogs need ground rules and boundaries. Even if, like me, your dog or dogs are house pets and can go where they like in the home, there must be some rules. Perhaps, what will work best for you, will be to keep the dog out of the kitchen, or the like. It will depend on your household, so give the matter some thought.

If you have young children or baies you will probably need to be a little more restrictive with your dog.

Step 3

In sickness and in health, in age and in youth.

It is a sad fact of life that everyone and everything ages. That young puppy who you loved so much might, these days, be a bit of a nuisance and a drain on your resources. If you love your pet that will not matter.

Just like a relationship with a person, dog lovers accept their pets warts and all.

If you cannot find the money to pay for your pet's treatment, then you must look at kind alternatives. However, most owners who truly their dogs, will find the means, come hell or high water.

Step 4

Let's get physical.

Dog's love to walk. It is one of their main ambitions in life. Show your dog that you care by exercising it regularly, playing with your animal and allowing the dog let of steam, once in a while.

Step 5

To err is being a dog, to forgive is being a loving owner.

The odds are that at sometime or another your dog will misbehave. It may be because the dog is a puppy, an untrained rescue dog, an elderly dog, or what you will. You will need to chastise your dog in the appropriate manner and ensure that it does not happen again. Perhaps more training is needed.

Whatever it is, you must forgive your dog.

Staying mad at an animal is silly. People often put to strong an onous on their animal's intelligence. Yes, dog's are bright but a dog is not Albert Einstein, it is an animals.

Step 6

If you love them you have to let them go.

This is the really hard one. Most dogs nowadays become ill and do not simply slip away from life in their sleep. Sadly, most owners have to make the choice to euthanise their pet. Loving the dog means that you will know when the time is right.

Trust me, it will break your heart, but you will know that you have to do it. You owe your loyal dog this one last act of kindness.

Final thoughts

Remember, also, that a dog is not a toy. A dog does not need cutsey ribbons in its hair. If it is cold and wet, a suitable dog jacket is a good idea, when walking outside. However, your dog is not into dressing up, even if you are.

Everyone should know by now that a dog is not just for Christmas and I would just like to reiterate that.

If you love your dog, show it that you do, by making a long term committment to care for it to the best of your ability. If your ability is lacking, then undertake training in order to do the job properly.

Tips & Warnings

Think of owning a dog in terms of decades not just months.

May be expensive.

A dog is not simply there to please you.