The Amazon Associate program is easily one of the most popular affiliate programs available to website owners. Amazon is a trusted brand with millions of existing customers. While their commission rates may be lower than other programs they have far more products to offer and give customers multiple buying opportunities. When a customer gets to Amazon through one of your links they don't even have to buy your featured product for you to make a commission. Amazon will give you credit for anything they buy through your link.

The commission you make depends on how many items you sell. Here is a the breakdown.

  • 1-6 items you make %4 of the total amount
  • 7-30 items you make %6 of the total amount
  • 31-110 items you make %6.5 of the total amount
  • 111-320 items you make %7 of the total amount
  • 321-630 items you make %7.5 of the total amount
  • 631-1570 items you make %8 of the total amount
  • 1571-3130 items you make %8.25 of the total amount
  • 3131+ items you make %8.5 of the total amount

Sign in to your regular Amazon account.

You need to have a regular Amazon account first. I'm assuming you already have this because almost everyone has already made a purchase through Amazon at some point. If you haven't, go to and click the "Start here" link on the top right hand corner. Otherwise go to and sign in.

Signup at Amazon Associates

Go to the Amazon Associates home page at Click the yellow "Join now for free" button.

Join Now

Verify your address

Pick the address you want associated with this account from the list they give you. Or you can enter a new address if you need to.

Confirm address

Enter info about your website

Next you will have to fill out information about your site.

  • Sites subject
  • URL
  • A brief description of your site
  • What categories your site fits into
  • What kind of Amazon products will you link to
  • How does you site get traffic
  • How you create your site
  • How many visitors do you get on average
  • Why do you want to join

When you've entered this info you can click the yellow "Finish" button at the bottom.

This may sound like a lot of info but it shouldn't really take more than a minute or two to fill out.

Website information

Decide on payment method

You are just about finished. You will be taken to a page with your Associate ID. Keep this because you may need it later depending on how you will use your Associates account.

Click the "Specify Payment Method Now" button.

You should have three options to choose how to get paid. Amazon pays out on monthly assuming you hit their smallest amount for payment. If you have they will make payment about 60 days after the end of that month. So if you sold $15 in March you can expect payment  around the end of May.

Your payment options are

  • Amazon Gift Card - The minimum is low, you only need to have made $10. You can then use it to make purchases.
  • Direct Deposit (U.S. only) - Direct deposit has a low minimum too of $10 but you will need to give your banking information. You will likely need a check so you can find your account, transit and branch numbers.
  • Check - You can receive payment by check but there is a $15 fee and they won't send you one until you make $100.

Until you start making a lot of money I recommend taking payment by gift card. You can use it to buy anything else on the site and while it says "mail" they will actually just email you the gift card code. That means it should be the quickest form of payment.

Choose payment method(114985)

Choose your first item

You now have an Amazon Associate account and can start posting items on your site to get the affiliate sales.

for Amazon to properly credit you your links need to be made with the tools they offer. If you just link to a product from the regular Amazon site your ID isn't included and you won't make money from the link.

Let say have written an article on the new Microsoft Office and we want to include an Amazon link for it.

Start by searching for the product.

Search for a product

Get the link

Click the "Get Link" button for the product you want to promote.

Get Link

Type of link

Choose the type of link you want to promote with. There are 3 main options.

  • Text and Image - That will give you a small box with a picture and title of the item. They work well on the side bar of your site.
  • Text Only - This gives you just a text link. These you would use in the body of an article.
  • Image Only - Show you just a picture of the product, no text or description.

Once you select the style there will be a small piece of code you can now copy and paste to your site.

Site code

Congratulations you're finished

You now have an Amazon Associates account and can promote most of their products for a commission on your own site.