What is Ranked and what to do in it.

Ranked is a gamemode in League of Legends designed specifically for competitive play. You should avoid playing ranked if you do not wish to win (simply put). In Ranked all players are treated as pro players and are expected to win; waging League Points(or elo) for the games. There are various tips every League of Legends player should put into consideration before playing ranked or during ranked. I will write these down to hopefully help you in the Fields Of Justice:

  1. Play Normals Before: You should always play 1 or 2 normal games before jumping into ranked, it will work as a sort of warmup and depending whether you win or lose those normals you will feel if you're ready for ranked or not.
  2. Clear Your Head Beforehand: Any sort of personal problems you may be having should be cleared out of your mind before playing ranked. Ranked is unfortunately not for fun, but to win, and therefore will only exarcebate any problems you may have and stress you out more. So make sure to resolve these problems beforehand.
  3. Do NOT get mad at yourself or your teammates: Toxic attitudes are contagious and will only make any mistakes that you or your teammates make worse. Avoid this type of attitude at all times and make sure to understand that everyone makes mistake and even if someone is horribly feeding it may not be their choosing and they feel just as bad (if not worse) than you.
  4. Find a Duo buddy: If your only goal is to raise your elo or league points then finding a duo partner who you know is good enough to carry themselves will help. If you know that at least 2 people in your team can carry themselves and not feed then the chances of losing go down. 
  5. Play your strong champions: You should only play champions and roles you're good at. Do not play support if you've never done it before. If you main top Elise, then try to play Top Elise. Otherwise you should always have at least a couple other roles and mains you're good at.
  6. Try countering during champ select: One of the easiest ways to win games is to counter your enemy in lane or your enemies team composition. They have a Karthus? Pick soraka if you're support for example.
  7. Remember it's just a game: No matter how bad things can get you should always keep a cool head and remember it's just a game. Winning is fun, but losing shouldn't be a horrible experience, rather it should be one you can learn from.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to doing good in Ranked! Thanks.