Sleep Comfortably on a Floor

We've all been there, right? You're with a bunch of friend's at their house, you're having way too much fun drinking, you loose track of time and its late at night. You live miles away so you're friend suggest to sleep on the couch.

Only the couch is taken so is already taken, so its just you and the floor. And knowing from your past experiences. Sleeping on the Floor = Next Morning Backpain.

Im going to explain how to Sleep Comfortably on the floor by avoiding most Backpain and stretching to help relieve it.


Step 1:

Find a soft carpeted place to sleep if possible. If thats not possible lay on  a rug. 


Step 2:

Get a cushion to elevate your head off the ground. If not a cushion then roll a piece of clothing. (this is obvious to most people as they have pillows on beds)


Step 3:

Get another cushion  and place it underneath your lowerback, elevating it. This is Crucial as your spine is and 'S' shaped and a floor is flat. If the spine is not supported it will strain and hurt the next morning.


Step 4:

Sleep facing upwards or on your side. In the night make sure as you turn from upwards to side, that you put back the lower back support.


Step 5:

As you wake up the next morning. Just incase you feel any pain, have a stretch. I like to lay with my feet facing upward, then twist moving only my torso. Or you can stand, holding both hands together, then reach up and backwards. Or if you still have any mild lower back pain, simply stand and gently push in the back, you should feel a relieving click.


There you have it!

In all honesty,  I'm not a Doctor or Medical Specialist its just I figured it out one night as I own a Tempur matress and I was thinking of the logo of the woman laying with her back supported.

I would say this was written in mind for people with young bodies like 20's or 30's, and maybe 40's. If you try any of this and it lead to a significant intense pain, see a Doctor/ GP immeadiately. 

Thank You for reading.