Well, everyone has a blog nowadays, and I know that what with us all reading John Chow and Problogger and the other A-listers, that we are all making a small fortune from our blogs. After all, these guys are out there day in day out teaching us how to make money blogging so by now we must all be very good at it. With all that money though, it's a trouble to decide what to do with it. I mean how do you spend your blogging millions when that passive income just keeps on rolling in minute after minute....thousands after thousands. Well, if you ever were stuck for something to splash out on, here are a few ideas....

Things You Will Need

An internet connection.
A very high limit on your credit card (no problem there eh? you're pulling in the dosh)
Variously, a marina, a wrist, a pair of eyes.

Step 1

octopus Grab yourself a luxury yacht. I mean what are you doing with your life if you aren't wondering around as a digital nomad? This thing will cost you $200 million. Splash out on the Octopus - currently owned by Paul Allen of Microsoft fame, this little baby is a 416 footer. You'll need to subsidise the crew of 40 as well so your blogging millions should be well taken care of here. Don't fret though, you get seven small boats a couple of helicopters and a submarine thrown into the deal.

Step 2

Urwerk 103 Not feeling quite as wealthy as Problogger claims you will be? Well, what about the more modest purchase of the Urwerk wristwatch - this beauty is a tame $80,000, so a lot better than the Octopus. Of course you're only buying this puppy while your passive income takes a bit of a hit because of a little google reshuffle right?

Step 3

What's that you say? The money is less like a flood and more like a dried up river? Hmmm, okay never mind, something special for you - free as free can be. A link to another website so you can continue reading and chasing those dotcom bucks.
One day, one day if the A listers do their jobs right, we will all be fighting over that Yacht I tell you. Until then, well at least you can tell the time on a cheapo no name brand watch from your local street vendor.

Tips & Warnings