Nearly everyone likes top designer brands like GUCCI for example, but the price of one GUCCI item is tremendously high. The lowest price for a GUCCI belt in the actual website is around £150 pounds. Most of us are just able to pay off are bills and basic necessities. This would mean that a top designer brand clothing would absolutely be the last thing in are minds. This is most probably why designer replica dealers find it easier to brainwash people as to think that the piece that they are selling is original, also the low price makes you to think that this is a one of chance to get a fantastic deal on a well known designer brand. But when you receive the item through the post or after purchasing the goods and coming home from wherever you bought the item from normally ends up in commiseration. But let me reiterate this, not always it ends up like this as there are people who sell designer branding clothes for a bargain price because they probably need the money or as an unwanted gift. This is why I am going to go through with you all the top tips on how to spot counterfeit GUCCI  belts as there are many dealers who sell them on the internet and try to reassure you that it is 100 percent authentic.


The first thing you should look at is the price because this would give you a rough idea if the GUCCI belt is authentic or just a knock off from China . It may not always be like this but you have to be realistic, therefore, keep in mind why the price of a  150 pounds or above GUCCI belt would be so cheap? Secondly don’t be afraid to ask questions to the dealers who sell GUCCI belts on the internet sites, for example eBay. After the dealers answer your question maybe tell them to take a couple more pictures of the actual belt so you can inspect it more closely with the actual GUCCI website.


      Replica GUCCI belt                         Authentic GUCCI belt


 gucci beltAuthentic GUUCI belt

 As you can see both GUCCI belts look identical but the replica GUCCI belts buckle is not as accurate to the original GUCCI belts buckle. But sometimes buying from stores you don’t have the chance to look at the original one that’s why you have to be careful and inspect on what you purchase. Also authentic GUCCI belts are made of rich Italian leather with a nice distinctive leather smell unless it is the canvas GUCCI belt. Furthermore GUCCI is a luxurious expensive make; therefore, they don’t do sloppy work which means the stitching is accurate with no threads hanging out. A great tip is that if it says GUCCI on a GG buckle then you will know that it is a replica straight away as GUCCI don’t have GUCCI engraved on the famous GG buckle. 


GUCCI belts come in an excellent packaging, which includes tags, dust bag, authentic GUCCI card with serial number and the actual belt wrapped around gold tissue paper; with everything placed in side a shiny golden coloured square box. Just because the belt is packaged like this does not mean that the belt is 100 percent authentic as the boxes including all the packaging can be made or sometimes even purchased online.


Here is an image of the actual packaging of an original GUCCI belt


 Here is an image of the actual packaging of an original GUCCI belt

Lastly a GUCCI belt always has a serial code at the back of the belt also says “Made in Italy”. This would indicate that the belt could be authentic but know replica GUCCI belt makers also put a serial code to make it look exactly like the original one.


Here is what the GUCCI belts serial code should look like 



Here is what the GUCCI belts serial code should look like.


Thank you for reading my article on how to spot replica and authentic GUCCI belts. I hope these tip have helped you to understand more about authenticity on GUCCI belts but if you are still not sure, just right a comment on what you are not sure about and I am more then happy to answer you questions.