Writing in general can be frustrating at times, even if the subject is something that your interested in. If your not interested in the subject, it can become like climbing a mountain.

Things You Will Need

Pen or pencil Computer Open Mind A Topic To Build Off

Step 1

Start with an open mind. The different in writing an article verses writing an report is the feeling you give to what your writing. A paper without any depth from the author might be taken as being plain if spoken.

Step 2

I can not say this enough, along with passion for the subject (even if it isn't something you want to do) detail is the key. If you find yourself getting bored and saying the same thing twice, even if its worded differently you might be spending too much time on that point, and you should move on.

Step 3

Research is the meat and potatoes behind your article. Take notes, keep records, and something I've always found helpful. Underlining some of the most important facts or details that you find while looking up information.

Step 4

Putting together the article with the knowledge you've gained. Put yourself in that person's shoes, that era, or whichever your talking about. It always helps to step out of yourself to learn. It doesn't matter if things don't turn out as good as you had planned, but then again practice does make perfect so keep practicing.

Tips & Warnings

An open mind is the key to writing Keep your details short and sweet Research until your with your findings Repeating details are often a death for articles To much research can lead you off track