The best thing in the world that can happen is that you be your own boss. Starting your own business can fulfil this dream of yours. There are several business ideas that require very less investment initially. One such business is the bookkeeping business. You can easily start the bookkeeping business without much effort on your part. Read on how to start your own bookkeeping business.

Things You Will Need

Bookkeeping knowledge
Networking skills

Step 1

The first thing that you need to have for starting the bookkeeping business is the knowledge about bookkeeping. There are a lot of bookkeeping courses that are available online. These online bookkeeping courses will provide you with a certification in bookkeeping. This certification will help you kick start the bookkeeping business. Also, make sure that you learn about the Quicken software as that is what is used by most businesses.

Step 2

The next step in opening the business is to have a list of potential clients. Prepare a list of small business clients which are there in your area. Get the list of businesses which are there in your area by visiting the local chamber of commerce.

Step 3

Get some newsletters printed as well as some business cards printed to advertise your business. A lot of people search on the internet for bookkeeping help and you can have an online presence in a number of ways. One way is to have your own website or you can advertise in the online media. You can use flyers and classifieds to advertise your business.

Step 4

Keep the costs low initially by using your home to run the business.You will then need to define your bookkeeping rates. Make sure that the bookkeeping rates are comparable to low cost outsourced bookkeeping services. Once you have significant work on your plate then you should also look at outsourcing the work to low cost countries like India.

Starting a bookkeeping business is easy but you need discipline and patience to build the business

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you have accreditation with AIPB (American Institute of Bookkeepers) and the NACPB (National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers) as that will give you credibility with the potential clients.