Do you want to start a grass cutting business?

Getting Started

If you ever wanted to make a lot of money easily, then cutting grass is for you. You are going to need to get a lawnmower and a weed whacker. You should also make fliers. They can be made on the computer or you can hand print them. Then you go around and pass the fliers out to people in the neighbor hood. You then need to decide what a reasonable price is for the yard. If you charge too much they will hire someone else. If you charge a low price you have a better chance of getting hired and you can always charge more in the future.

Keeping Track of Customers

Keeping a record is necessary for keeping each customer up to date. You can use Microsoft excel. Microsoft excel is an easy program. Excel will add the amount of money up and find the total that you made for the year. All you have to do is type a command and plug in the numbers you want it to add. The command for adding is =sum(in here highlight the boxes you want excel to add). You have to have the parentheses or it won’t work. Keep track of your customers.

Cutting Grass in the Rain

Cutting grass in the rain is something you should never do. It will just destroy the yard, bring up the mud, and it will also leave clumps of soggy grass on the ground. If it rains when you are suppose to be cutting the grass then you better plan cutting grass for another day. You also need to keep track of the weather. You need to know when it is going to rain. This will help you plan what days to cut the grass. Never plan to cut grass on a rainy day.

Getting Good Equipment

If you buy better equipment you will be able to cut the lawn faster. With all the time you save with better equipment you can get more yards to cut and that means more money.  Now you need to find the right mower to get. You want a commercial lawn mower not a residential. The difference is that a residential is for someone doing there own yard. It isn’t for a business. The commercial is for a business. It will also last a lot longer. You want to find a store that sells lawn equipment only. Ask the worker for a commercial mower. Then ask for a good weed whacker. Then you can purchase them.

Doing a Good Job

The most important part of cutting the grass is to do the best job that you can. If you are working hard someone might ask you to cut there grass. Also the next most important part of cutting grass is the trimming. If the trimming looks bad, then the entire yard will look bad. You can’t rush through the yard or it will most likely look bad and the you have a chance of getting fired or someone else will see the work you did and not hire you because it looks bad. Do the best job you can.