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After some searching on the internet of how to create my own lottery pool, I figured I would write my own article because the stuff I found on the internet was somewhat helpful, but didn’t really tell me what lottery I should play and how many plays to buy etc with the amount of money I had.

So, since I live in BC I will refer to the BC lottery corporation page and use the BC lottery as an example. I’d say it’s good to have at least 8 or more people in your pool so you can purchase more plays in regards to whatever lottery you decide to play. I made my pool ten dollars a month.

I decided to play Lotto Max, which is six dollars a play with the extra, and a mini dip which is four dollars and has one play for the lotto 6/49, the BC/49, with the extra. I figured this was the best bang for your buck as well as gave you more chances playing on three different lotteries! Thus increasing your chances of winning!

I went to a lotto retailer thinking that since I couldn’t find much on the internet that maybe they would know how to start up a pool and they didn’t…. so here you go!

lottery poolSo first off you probably want to go to your province/state lottery corporation page and print off a copy of the group release form just to keep everyone in your pool honest, I’m sure we’ve all heard the stories of people saying oh I put money in when they didn’t after learning that the group actually won a large sum of money! I usually tell my people that when they put the money in the box they have to sign the paper at the same time!

 Next you can go to the nearest lottery retailer or the gas station whatever you prefer and fill out the cards to pick your 6 numbers and your extra for whatever lottery you’ve picked to play. With Lotto Max you get three sets of six numbers and you can choose one set of numbers using the card.

Lotto Max is played once a week, so if you want your pool for that particular lottery to run for a month you would buy 4 draws.  One play is $6, two plays is $12 etc it's up to you how many plays you want based on how much money you have and if you only want to play that lottery or the other ones as well!

In my instance the Mini Dip is for the Lotto 6/49 as well as the BC/49. With this lottery you pick your six numbers and those numbers are used for each draw you purchase. 6/49 and BC/49 are played twice a week, so if you want to play for a month you would purchase 8 draws.  Once again one play is $4, 2 plays is $8 etc. If you have more money I would probably purchase more plays which gives you more numbers to put towards your lottery of choice thus increasing your chances of winning!

I found the card that you pick your numbers on to be pretty helpful if you flip it over and look at what they offer for bundles.  Also if you go to your province/state lottery page usually they will provide you with a chart or something of the sort of which numbers have been played the most since the lottery first started. This could also help in picking your 6 numbers to play.

I hope this has helped you out somewhat, as I didn’t have a clue how to start a lottery pool or what lottery to pick or how many plays to use. My recommendation is if you don’t have a lot of money, say $60 bucks just purchase 4 or 8 draws to last a month with only one play per lottery and cross your fingers! If you have more money I would recommend purchasing 4 or 8 draws but increasing your plays to 2 or 3 each.