You know what you want right? The biggest thing that is stopping us from moving forward and getting what we want is taking action. What is stopping you? Money? Time? Desire? What if I can show you how to start changing your life for under $10, would that interest you?

Life coaching is full of great tools and techniques to get a person motivated to create their visions and reach their goals. Reality is, if you don't take action, life coaching or not, you won't get anywhere. You can't expect to get anything accomplished if you are sitting on the couch eating potato chips all day.

The purpose of having visions and creating goals is to get what you want and deserve in life. It becomes more realistic when you write things down or create images because now it becomes real. If you see it on a daily basis, you come to desire it on a daily basis, which fuels the fire to take action!

And this is how this article started out.

I was driving with Randy and we were discussing my new coaching program that is in the process of being created about goal setting and the topic of writing the article about the vision board came up.

Instead of just putting it on the to-do list, I decided right there and then, while the thought is fresh in my mind, to go pick up the supplies that I needed to create the vision board. And from that, write this article to share with you

Off to the dollar store to get some poster paper, some colored markers and tape followed up by a trip to the thrift store to pick up some used magazines. For pictures, you can cut images from a magazine, draw images yourself, do an online image search and print them out. You can get as fancy as you desire! Just DO IT!

Here is the list of items you need: (all these items can be purchased at the thrift or dollar store)

· Poster paper, whatever color you want
· Markers, whatever colors you want
· Old magazines
· Tape or glue

Bellingham Vision Board Bellingham vision board costs

As soon as I got home I got busy laying out all my supplies, turned on some music and started cutting up the magazines! (This is where the perfectionist in you should go take a nap.) Put pictures of things that you want or anything you find that inspires you. Place them anywhere, anyhow, anyway you want, this is YOUR vision board so HAVE fun!

After a while it should look something like this, or maybe not. You decide how you want it to look like but I wanted to show you a finished product to give you an idea.
Instead of writing out "My Vision Board" in the center, you can think of adding a photo of yourself, bright and cheery, surrounded by your dreams! How powerful would you feel?

Bellingham vision board complete

It doesn't matter how you create the vision board. Whether it is online, in photo shop, in fancy colors or paints just get it done! It's all about taking the first step in creating the life that you want and deserve! You can bling it up later!!!

The best part of this is that you can create one for yourself and one for your family! This is where is creates fun for everyone and becomes a family project and dream. It's up to you. The choice is yours how you want to live your life, but just choose from a powerful place.

It all comes down to this. How bad do you want it? This is how to start changing your life for under $10 can be the first step in creating the life you deserve.

Wishing you all the greatness you deserve!

Nicole Gruendl
Life and Success Coach