How to start a healthy hobby

Begin to run

Everyone has a reason to not start running.  However beginning to run is very simple and enjoyable. All you need is athletic clothes, about a half an hour, and dedication.

                This article will teach you the basics for developing your own running program today! The problem most people have when they start running is they fell they have to run the whole time, this is totally incorrect! Running is a sport where the people who spend the most time running see the most results. This will occur with you as well, so don’t let a short walking break tear you down. 

                Start off with a nice jog for about 30 seconds, then triple that (90 seconds) should be your rest or walk. This system can go for 20 seconds of running; you would have 1 minute rest.  Repeat this 5 times.  This work out will give you a sense of what kind of shape you are in.  Do this for 5 days, after that you should be able to develop your own running schedule.

                I would also recommend going to a local running store. People who work for running stores are always eager to assist new comers to the sport! Ask for information about shoes, clothes and maybe some group training they may offer. Most running specialty stores are connected with a club of some sort. Find information about the running club to get the most out of your new hobby.

                Obviously shoes are the most important running accessory for beginners because they protect you from injury, not saying you won’t get hurt however the chances are more unlikely. Training smart will prevent injury. Shoes are best bought at running stores because the employees have knowledge about your feet type and such.  

                Hydrate, this is a key to do after running. Drinking WATER will help your body temperature cool off, and keep the blood flowing smooth. Again remember to drink lots of water before running and after.  Stay away from the protein shakes for now. You will need them later down the road however.

                Thanks for reading my article