A quick history lesson about blogs

If you have thought about starting your own blog and are not sure how to go about it, we may be able to help you here. You may have heard of others who have their own blogs and want to start your own blog too but are not to sure how to go about it. For the benefit of all, we will first start here with a brief history about blogs.

Blogs became famous in the late 1990's and it seemed that everyone started their own blogs. I remember hearing about blogs from people but did not know what they really were. I then learned that they were basically an online journal where people would write about what ever they wanted to write about. Unlike a website where you had a home page and created links to other web pages, a blog created content in a reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appeared first. This was great as the readers would be able to see the most recent post created by the blogger as soon as they landed on the blogs home page.

By the early to mid 2000's there were blogs that had become really famous with thousands of people reading their blogs daily. Some companies noticed how blogs could benefit their business and created blogs for their businesses. Even though these companies already had a website, their blog could give them more of a personal relationship with their customers and let the customers know the latest news and offerings the company had to share.

Blogs of course are open to anyone and some of the most famous blogs with great readership are written everyday by normal people from their living room or bedroom. Since you are reading this right now, you most likely have an interest in starting your own blog and we are going to try to help you here . It does not matter if you are a complete newbie when it comes to blogging because you will learn as you go. In my personal experience that is the best way to learn anything and blogging is no exception.

Why do people start their own blog?

The reasons that people create their own blog is for various reasons. Some people create a blog simply because they like writing and use their blog as a public online journal. This was actually how blogs started out in the early cyber-space days when blogs were often called weblogs. That was in the late 1990's and things sure have come a long way since then. Others start their own blog not as an online journal but more of an informative site for their readers on a particular genre. Some of these bloggers are full-time bloggers and use their blog as a way to make a living by monetizing their blog.

Though the online journal blogs are still out there, it seems that most bloggers these days seem to concentrate on a particular subject or genre that they enjoy writing about. For example, if someone likes cooking they may want to create a blog that is all about cooking. Cooking will be their niche that they will want to share with their readers who will most likely be readers who are interested in cooking. The title of their blog could be "All about cooking", "The cooking corner", "Cooking tips", or whatever they will want to name their blog.

Of course cooking is not the only subject you can write about. You can write about sports in general, your favorite sports team, television shows, movies, music, technology, history, science, or anything else that you want to write about! The best advice I can give to anyone about picking the niche that they will be writing about is to pick something that you enjoy writing about. Why? Because if you try to write about something that you are not interested in, you will get bored very quickly and will lose interest in writing new post to your blog. This of course will not make your blog a very successful blog if you stop posting for to long. If you make a blog about something that you love to write and talk about, chances are great that you will soon have a very successful blog with a big audience.

How can I get a free blog?

One of the best things about blogs is that some of the best blog platforms out there are absolutely free. They are already set up for you and ready to use. There are blog platforms out there that will cost money but the new blogger will want to start their first blog with one of the free blogging platforms. Why? So they can get the feel of a blogging platform and learn the basics such as setting up their template and writing basic post. In all honesty there are many successful bloggers who will only use these free blogging platforms and will never upgrade to paid blogging formats.

When you do pay for a blog you are usually paying a company for web hosting, which is not expensive if you want to go that route. You can also pay to have your own unique domain name for your blog instead of having the free blogs web address. Just so you know, you do not have to have a paid hosting blog to have your own unique domain name. You can use one of the free blog companies and still get your own domain name if you want to go that route. I am now going to list  some of the best free blog companies that you can use to start your own blog for free. I will list the top three that I think are the easiest to use for someone who is a new blogger and then give some other free alternative blogging platforms that you can check out if you wish.


Blogger is a free blog service owned and operated by Google. It is probably in my opinion the most popular free blog service that exist. When you create a free blog with them your blog URL will be yourname.blogspot.com. If you wanted to get your own unique URL such as something that ends in yourname.com, Blogger makes it real easy for you to do from your dashboard. They have many different templates that you can use. If you want to be a bit different with your template, there are many third parties that create cool Blogger templates that you can use for your blog. Blogger is ad free which means that Google will never show any of their advertisements on your blog. You can add scripts on Blogger for anything you may want to add. If you are into monetizing your blog with Google Adsense, Blogger makes it real easy for you to add your Adsense codes. Many of the other free blogging platforms will not let you add your Adsense codes to your blog unless you pay for web hosting. The reason that Blogger allows it is because Google owns both Blogger and Adsense.


WordPress is in my opinion the second most popular free blog service. One thing I have noticed is that most WordPress bloggers do not like Blogger at all. WordPress just like Blogger makes it real easy to get your own domain name connected to your blog if you wish. You will have more of a template selection on WordPress and most would say that the templates are better looking than the Blogger templates. The free blog service is not ad free and WordPress will have their ads displayed on your blog sometimes. If you do not want any of their ads displayed on your blog you will have to go with a paid WordPress service which is very affordable. WordPress users seem to be very satisfied with all of the Plugins that are available for their blogs. There are hundreds and hundreds of different plugins to make someones blog exactly the way they want it to be.


LiveJournal is a popular free blog service. They have a free service and a paid service. One unique thing about Live Journal is the privacy level you can set on your blog. If you wanted to, you can make your LiveJournal more of a private diary. So with this is mind LiveJournal is the perfect free blogging service for those who want to keep a retro style diary. If someone is interested in joining a community with their interest, LiveJournal will surely have it or else it can be started by you. There are many features that LiveJournal has that makes it a bit unique from other blogging services and it is highly recommended that you check out LiveJournal.

Other free blogging platforms you may want to check out:






In Closing

Getting your free blog started is only the first part of your new hobby or business. Once you have it set up please know that there are many bloggers that are willing to offer tips for new bloggers. You may have questions about how often you should blog, how long your blog post should be, how to get the most visitors to your blog, and other various questions. You may even have questions about earning money with your blog by using pay-per-click advertisements or affiliate advertisements. No matter what your questions are, you will be able to find your questions with the answers online.