money in mailbox

Tips for starting your own mail order business

To many people the mail order operators who owned their own mail order businesses are a thing of the past. They feel that in this Internet age that there is no longer any audience left to operate a profitable mail order business. They could be further from the truth. Even though we now have the internet many people are still thriving and making their living operating their mail order business from home. They are receiving cash, checks and money orders in their mail box daily.

In order to start and succeed with your own mail order business you must decide what you are going to sell. Maybe you do not have anything to sell - now what? Your business may have ended before you even have a chance to get started - right? Wrong! Many mail order dealers offer dealerships that will let you sell their products or services and you will receive a cut of the sales. The best thing is that the order is received by you, you take your profit and then forward the order to the prime source who will fill the customers order with your shipping address. The customer thinks the order came directly from you, which is great for future orders.

Let's go back to the same question that we addressed earlier - What can you sell?  You are going to have to look through some various mail order trade magazine and make the choice yourself what you want to sell. If you do not know about these mail order trade magazines then that is something else that you will have to get acquainted with. These publications are usually sent to only mail order dealers and entrepreneurs, they are not available to the general public at your local store. A few examples of things to sell could be selling some CD reports, selling mailing list, printing services, advertising space for major mail order publications, money-making opportunities, ad design services, business cards, name and address labels and the list goes on and on. You can usually find dealerships for anything you can think of. Once you become an experienced mail order dealer you might even want to create your own product that you can sell or maybe even recruit your own dealers for your product and offer them a percentage of the sales they make.
Mail order dealerships work in a way sort of just like the way affiliate programs work on the internet except the sales percentage you earn is usually much greater. Many internet affiliate programs may pay you 2% to 10% per sale. With your mail order business most will pay you 50% and up. Some even pay 100% and they will supply you with camera ready sales material with your name and address already typeset on the order forms.
If you are serious and can see yourself operating a home mail order business you are going to have to get some mail order trade publications in your mail box and see what the mail order business is all about. Many dealer have been operating for over 50 years!

The mail order inter circle is great as you become known to other fellow mail order dealers. Many will share with each other about new great opportunities out there and will warn each other about scams that may be circulating around.