Starting a website from scratch can be quite intimidating. This how to will help you get on the right path to getting started.

Things You Will Need

Concept for the website


Step 1

This is the most important step, choosing your concept. Are you interested in just blogging? Are you creating a website for a business idea. You must choose the correct concept for your website. Also, when making your decision, take into account any competition that you may encounter.

Step 2

Once you have selected your concept, you must choose a domain name. A domain name is a familiar link like It makes your concept/site personal. Ideally, you would like to include your concept into the domain name. For example if your concept was selling paper airplanes, you would try to pick a domain name like . Keep in mind that almost all common names for .com are taken. Create a list of 20 domain names that would represent your site.

Step 3

Rank your 20 choices for domain names in the order you would like to them in. Now, you must go through a "domain name seller" that is sanctioned by ICANN. This company speicalizes in accepting your domain name choice, then searching to see if it is available. With your list, go down each choice and plug it into their search. If one of them is found to be available, purchase it. Keep in mind you could use less popular .net .org .biz as well. These other top level domains are not as prestigious but it will still accomplish your goal of creating your website. If you do not find any available matches, you will have to come up with other domain names or add certain characters that wont detract from the website. For example you could use if was taken.

Step 4

The next step is to either find or purchase domain hosting. If you are using the website for personal use, you can find free sites that will host your domain name / website for you.

If you plan on expanding or having more control over the content on the website, you will need to purchase a hosting plan. A hosting plan is where a company agrees to house your website for a monthly fee. These fees can range anywhere from $2 to hundreds a month depending on what kind of traffic you expect to see on your site. We will assume as this is a begining website, a basic package will do. It will allow you to post information to the site and when someone types into their browser your domain name it will show your website. Most hosting companys are pretty easy to work with and some even offer 1 step setup of certain applications like Wordpress and the like.

Step 5

Congratulations! You have purchased a domain name and hosting. Now the real fun can begin. You can now add information to your site. To make your website appealing, you will need to create a layout of how it will look. If you are technical you can program a website your self. Additionally, you could hire a web programmer to create a site for you. Lastly you could create a 1 click site using programs such as Wordpress. Check with your hosting provider to see which options you have. Creating a website is a very rewarding expereince. It does take time, patience, and a little bit of money. The most important step is your concept and the choice of domain name. Once this has been done you can get a website started very quickly if you follow the steps outlined.

Tips & Warnings

Avoid long domain names. You should make it easy for someone to remember the website

Take your time in choosing a concept. If done correctly it can bring lots of visitors to your site

If you feel that your website needs to look professional, hire a professional! The cost is minor to the image you want your website to show.