We have all been there.  It seems you have been sitting in the stand longer than you have hoped for and the late season weather has taken a turn for the worse.  How is it that you can prevent the cold from ruining the joy of the hunt?

How to stay Warm Hunting:  The Tricks you didn't think of




How to stay warm hunting tip #1:

Loosen up the boots 

How to stay Warm Hunting:  The Tricks you didn't think of

This one may seem crazy to some of you out there, but trust me. . . . it works.  Once you take your walk into the woods, have settled into your stand, and are finally ready to endure the long hours it takes to land the tirty pointer, make sure you take the time to loosen up your boots a bit.


This may seem counterproductive in your mind as a snug, tightly tied boot would seem to be the thing that keeps warmth.  Wrong.  The truth is that when you tie your boots on tightly you are actually hindering circulation and not allowing warm blood to make it into your feet.  By loosening your boots even slightly, you are again allowing unhindered blood flow to circulate back into your feet.  This will solve your cold foot problems for the most part even if you sometimes aren’t wearing the proper boot for the cold.




How to stay warm hunting tip #2:

 Be sure that you’re covering your neck


How to stay Warm Hunting:  The Tricks you didn't think ofHow to stay Warm Hunting:  The Tricks you didn't think of

It may be obvious to some, but for some reason it is far overlooked.  Somewhere in the world it became a viral rumor that a person loses 90% or 70% or some other large significant percent of body heat through their head.  This just doesn’t happen to be true.  While the head may lose more than your hands for example due to its high blood flow, almost every square inch of exposed human skin will lose the same amount of heat as the next unless a major artery or vein runs close to the surface of the skin.  (A.K.A. the neck) 


I have experienced several fellow hunters covering their heads and bodies while neglecting to cover their necks.  These are often the same people that wonder why they are freezing cold once they get back from their stand. 

While the rest of your body remains warm and insulated, the heat will continue to poor out of your body through your neck and any other exposed skin you have open to the elements because of the abundance of veins and arteries throughout this area.  It's as simple as that.  Just cover up your neck and you will begin to notice a significant difference in body temperature in the long run.



How to stay warm hunting tip #3 

Rain jacket without the rain

How to stay Warm Hunting:  The Tricks you didn't think of

While it’s not always necessary to wear a rain jacket, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to throw it on over the top when the weather looks like it could produce some windy conditions early in the hunt.  If you are sporting fleece or any other sort of cloth covering on a windy day, chances are that you are going to begin feeling the chill of the elements if the weather persists.  

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