Staying Fit and Health

Most students in college have heard of the dreaded "Freshmen 15". You know the 15 pounds a student gains after their first year in college. I remember my freshmen year when I gained 20 pounds. It was not until I was a sophomore when I decided to start taking better care of myself and my health. So I started going to the gym with a buddy of mine but after a while it got really tiring because it was too time consuming and my time could have been spent on better things such as studying for an exam. So I decided to create my own home or "dorm" gym and nutrition plan. With a dorm gym I was able to work out whenever I wanted and it didn't feel like a chore. With that I came up with 4 tips I believe will help anybody trying to stay healthy reach their potential. 


Tip # 1 Get Gym Equipment

There is basically four essential gym equipment you would need in order to have a proper “dorm” gym. Number 1 you will need dumbbells. I got my first set for cheap online from Walmart for about $20. They were 40lb vinyl dumbbells from Gold Gym and as I started getting stronger I bought another set. Number 2 resistances bands which you can get cheap off of ebay. I recommend safety resistance bands. Number 3 is a door way chin up bar. I recommend a chin bar instead of a pull bar because its more portable and you can fit it between most door frames with just pressure. The one I bought was Sunny Health and Fitness door way chin up bar, which I got from Number 4 is an Exercise Ball. I actually got this one last and it probably not needed however it every useful for bench presses and abdominal exercises. Additionally, you can use it as a chair or a leg raise for your dorm. The best part about most of these equipment is that you can store them under your bed (excluding the exercise ball) or closet.

Tip #2 Set a Workout Routine/Nutrition Plan

When I first started working out my favorite part was finding a routine online. This of course made exercising fun because I could change my routine every week. For best result I recommend doing a full body workout 3 times a week. In between those three days I would do a half of p90x ab ripper exercise. For cardio I would walk to all of my classes and appointments. When it comes to nutrition there is almost NOTHING YOU CAN'T EAT. This is because it is all about portion size. Basically, if you eat something try and save some for later so instead of eating 3 or 4 big meals a day try aiming for 5-6 smaller meals. For instance, on workout days I would make a big breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, toast, and cheese at 8:30 am I would eat half of it and then 2-3 hours later I would finish the other half.

Tip # 3 Commit to Staying Healthy for 21 days

The reason why most people fail to lose weight or achieve any other goal is that they fail commit to their plans. When I started working out I did it bright and early when most students were still asleep. I woke up at 7:00 am each day now its 6:30 day, but basically I committed myself to getting up early so that I could that part of my life out of the way. Plus working out is a great start to the day because exercising actually releases hormones that reduces stress and makes you feel AWESOME. The workouts usually lasted about an hour but as I got better at working out my exercises became shorter because I did not need to workout as much. Once you commit yourself to staying healthy for 21 days you will see that working out becomes a habit and we all know that once you get into a habit it is really hard to break it.

Tips #4 Visualize Achieving the Goals

In order to stay motivated you have to visualize yourself achieving your fitness goals. Visualize all the benefits you will achieve such as a lifelong hobby that is beneficial to your health meaning you will live longer and enjoy life longer. Similarly, you would get more attention for the opposite sex. Also, you will have more control of your life and the activities that you partake in. Best of all you would be taking care of something that is vital to the core of your existence.

In conclusion, by setting up a “dorm gym” you would not have an excuse to not workout especially when you have all the material you need to do so.