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At some point, you wanted to go into business for yourself. Whatever the motive that finally made you do it, you took on more responsibility. The most important part of this new responsibility, however, is making sure you continuously have a stream of new customers coming to your business, and returning customers that continue to purchase from you.

Do you remember how ‘juiced’ you were to have that responsibility at first? It didn’t appear to be terrifying then, did it? There were masses of reasons why you wanted to do this, and thought that you could. There was a new challenge every day, and a new way of looking at things, and something that you had just discovered that you had to pass along. If you are wondering what to do next, the chances are that you lost this enthusiasm =- and it happens to everyone.

The most common reason is a dangerous one to happen: You believe that there is nothing more you can tell your customers and prospects that hasn’t been said already. The moment you believe that (instead of simply recognizing it.), you begin moving along a path where this is normal behaviour. Where it becomes the everyday to look at the process of marketing campaigns, sales figures and developmental issues, rather than what sparked them in the first place. Look at Johnson & Johnson: One of the globe’s largest companies that are responsible for everyday brands that haven’t changed for over 60 years, in most cases. Yet, they never seem to run out of advertising ideas, and we all still know they are “A Family Company.”

When you look at your first few attempts at Marketing, what worked and what didn’t? What fired you up, and excited you? How did it work? Usually, this problem is that you have become bogged down in the everyday, and have stopped ‘peering over the crowd, to see what is coming.’ - The trick you used to use to get people in to your business. There is a simple remedy for this: What can you say about your business today that you haven’t said before?

Being your own boss is just as exciting now as it always was, it’s just that you were forced to ‘hunker down’ and concentrate on the books for a while. This is a chore that everyone has to do at some point, if they are Johnson & Johnson, or a small  Promotional Advertising firm. Make sure, though, that you leave the majority of your time to think in the larger picture of the future, structural change, and how you are going to get more customers in order to grow, because this is no-one’s job but yours. Take input from others, as well as your marketplace, and find out what you are missing. Get back to those huge unknowns that rocked your world at the outset of your business life, and you will find that our motivation will return. If you can off-load some of the day-to-day business management concerns, then do so. Anything to leave your mind open, your view on the horizon, and your motivation barely held back.