The Full Moon Party located on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan is legendary. Tens of thousands of party animals on the Sun Rise beach in Haad Rin. Copious amounts of alchohol combined with glow sticks, body paint and everyone dancing under the bright light of the full moon. The beach is covered with bars, a variety of music systems and some smaller stalls selling 'buckets'.  Many people will carry on having good time until mid day! Sitting on the beach watching the sun seemly rise from the sea surround by hundreds of travelers having a good time, it's a memorable night and morning to say the least. Not everyones cup tea agreed, but if this party is to your fancy then here are a few bits advice for you to ingest. Follow these instructions to ensure that you have a good time and that the night is memorable for the right reasons.

Be Aware of Drugs

You will be confronted by people on the beach several times through the course of the night who will try and sell you some form of pills or other drugs. Do not buy them! Many people are set up every month by under cover police men or people working for the police. Buy the drugs, arrested 5 minutes later, off to prison. It's a big fine to get out and if you can't afford it, then unfortunately you're going to be spending quite some time in a Thai prison. Not fun I imagine.

Control Your Alchohol Intake

Pretty much everyone is drinking and you're never more than a minutes walk away from some sort of bar. Drink and have a good time by all means, just don't go to far over board. The sea can get rough, a drunken midnight swim would be a bad idea. There's also no hospital on island, injure yourself and you could be in serious trouble. I'm not trying to be over safety conscious here, it's just that several people die at this party every year.

Playing With Fire

There's usually a huge skipping rope on fire going for a few hours at somepoint in the night. It's a 30 foot rope covered in petrol and then set alight. Two Thai guys hold either end and stand on raised plat forms. Anyone is welcome to have a go. This provides brilliant entertainment, you may want to avoid giving it a go yourself though. It may look like the participants come out OK but many end up with quite nasty burns. I've got a nice scar on my leg and my friend has one across his abdomen. To sum it up, fire burns and hurts a lot, even when you've had a few drinks.

Have a Good Time

This is the best party I have ever been to yet. Have a bit common sense in you for the night and I'm sure you'll have a great time to. Stay safe and keep your wits about you!