Getting a New Puppy

Most people starting a family or who already have a family will eventually get a puppy. When getting a puppy there are many things you should know before deciding to actually get the puppy. Puppies are very demanding of attention and constantly need a person or another animal to play with. They also will chew on anything!

After getting my first puppy after turning 20 I realized a lot about raising an animal that you don't expect before you actually get the animal.

Some things I didnt think about when geting a puppy:

1. They pee and poop whenever they need to. This takes a while to train but there are puppy pads available that has a scent that makes animals want to pee and poop on.

2. Puppies chew on all your stuff! When going through the teething stage puppies want to constantly be chewing on something so if they dont have enough toys you might come home to find some of your stuff chewed up. I recently left my $300 glasses on a table when I took a shower and came back and they were all chewed up.

3. Puppies need constant attention. It isn't wise to get a puppy if you have to leave the puppy home alone half of the day, unless you have other dogs and you can leave them outside.

After my puppy chewed up many of my things I decided I had to make a plan to stop the puppy from continuing this. I let my puppy stay in my room where I also have my computers so If the puppy chewed up those chords then I wouldn't have a computer to use!

What I did to prevent my puppy from chewing on my things:

1. Keep everything you dont want chewed on in a place where the puppy will never be able to get! I keep all my stuff on top of tables where the puppy can get to.

2. If there are chords laying around make sure to some how keep the puppy from getting to them. There are chord protection items that you can purchase. For my computer I put a big box in front of the wires when I leave so the puppy cant get to them.

3. Get the puppy lots of tough toys. When teething they will need something strong to chew on. you can get these at petsmart or any local store really.

4. Make sure your dog learns what he is allowed to chew on. You dont have to hit your animal to teach them, you can simply raise your voice or not give them attention and they will get the idea. Hitting your pet is very cruel and will only make them scared of everything.

With these simple tips you can prevent your puppy from chewing on all of your stuff. Remember to consider all the negative sides of getting a new puppy and make sure you are ready for the responsibility before getting one!