Stop excessive sweating

Antiperspirants. No matter how serious your problem with sweating is, there's always an antiperspirants that can help you at least put a "bandage" on the problem. You may not completely solve the problem but you should go for extra strength deodorants that are activated by sweat or absorb the sweat.

Clothing. Many people who have a serious problem with sweating try to wear extra clothing to hide the fact that they sweat. This is like "throwing gas on the fire" in a way. You will want to wear dark clothing to hide the sweat but make sure the clothing is thin. You don't want to wear thick white shirts or jeans. Stick to thin clothing that is darker in color.

Steam rooms. There are many purposes for steam rooms but one of the best parts about steam is that it makes you sweat. You can get a significant part of your body's moisture content out of your pores early in the day with a really hot shower or in a steam room.

Sage. Many people don't believe that herbs can help with sweating but if you have tried everything else, then cooking with sage might help your problems with sweating. Before you try any other natural remedies, it's important to try sage and because everyone's different, you need to find out if it works for you.

Drink less water. Generally, water is a good thing and you should always want to drink plenty of water but when you have a problem with sweating, it's important that you put a limit on the amount of water that you drink and when you drink it.

Bed linens. If sweating is making it difficult for you to sleep at night because you often wake up in night sweats, you should focus on sleeping only with thin sheets and not thick linens or blankets. You should also make sure you have a fan pointing directly at you while you sleep at night.

Consider health complications. Alcoholism, heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson's are just a few of the many potential health complications that can cause excessive sweating. You should see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis to decide if you have a serious health problem.