How to stop junk mail & unwanted telemarketing calls

I am going to tell you how to combat the rising problem more & more people are suffering.

Junk Mail


Unwanted Telemarketing Calls

First of all I will advise you how to combat the

unwanted phone calls.

We all know they are annoying, as they always seem to call when they are least welcome. I have personally had marketing calls at 7am in the morning & also more commonly during meal times. These times are specifically targeted as its more likely you will get an answer from the phone if you are the phone operator.

A few simple steps to combat these are:-

  • Contact your telephone company to request caller ID systems. Basically if you don't recognise the number on the display, you don't have to answer it (this also comes in handy to avoid calls from annoying family members etc..)
  • Don't be offensive to the person on the end of the phone, remember they are real people who are just trying to earn a wage like everybody else.
  • Ask the operator that you do not want to receive anymore calls & could they please put your details on their 'Don't call' list.
  • Don't just hang up on the caller, you actually have to speak to the caller to get them to place your number on their blocked list.
  • For UK residents, you can register with the Telephone Preference Service ( Marketing companies check the numbers they have against a database & any registered numbers have to be removed unless the resident has given specific permission to be contacted (be very careful when filling in any forms as this is usually how they get your details). This is a UK government run organisation

How To Stop Junk Mail

Your 1st step if you are a UK resident is to register with the Mail Preference Service, basically a similar service as mentioned above for phone calls except this one covers junk mail. ( Again this is a government run organisation.

Although you should see a decrease in the amount of junk mail in just a few weeks it can take upto 6 months to be fully effective as some company marketing schemes are panned months in advance.

Next, whenever you receive a piece of junk mail, simply call the company & ask to have your details removed from the mailing list (be careful to ensure the number is not a premium rate number before calling)

Write a basic letter, which you can give to every single business & organisation you have dealings with specifically requesting they DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES pass your details onto a 3rd party. Organisations can include banks, schools, churches, mail order companies, retailer's etc.. Since written notification has been given, they are obliged to obey your request under the DATA PROTECTION ACT

Avoid sending in warranty cards. Your goods are still covered by the Sale of Goods Act & the Consumer Protection Act. Plus the warranty is still valid provided you keep proof of purchase regardless of if you send in a card or not.

When filling in any forms (including online), be careful to check the small print asking you to opt in/out of mailing lists. Some are now asking you to specifically tick if you DON'T want them to pass on your details to 3rd parties.

Bear in mind that these steps are not 100% effective & by simply providing your details, you are giving permission for organisations to contact you unless you specifically request them not to do so.

Fingers crossed, if you follow the above steps, you can go some way to saving your time & also the environment by stopping the unwanted mail & phone calls.