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What is TwitchTV?

TwitchTV is a live streaming site for broadcasting videogames for people to watch. It was once known as in 2007-2011, TwitchTV has since then been growing at a fast pace, partnering up with CBS Interactive, Gamespot, and Giant Bomb in 2012. With more than 20 million unique viewers in Febuary of 2013, TwitchTV is your number one platform for streaming videogames live.

Signing up for TwitchTV and monetizing with TwitchTV

To sign up for a TwitchTV account, simply go to and click on the sign up button located on top right of the page. For signing up, you can connect with your Facebook profile or fill in the required information. Also, don't forget to confirm your account in your email.

Once you have completed signing up, TwitchTV will then redirect you to their Partner Application which you can then monetize with them if you meet there requirements. There are two options that you can choose from to become a partner with TwitchTV:

1) You must have an average concurrent viewer of 400+ viewers. This cannot be a one-time peak. Also, you must have a broadcast schedule of 3 times a week. This option is for those who have streamed on other site beside TwitchTV.

2) You will need an average views of 15,000+ views per videos and 100,000+ subscribers before you can partner up with TwitchTV. This option is for those who have never streamed before. It is hard to reach, but there are exceptions that will make you eligible for it.

Downloading a Broadcasting Program

To stream on TwitchTV, you will need to download a broadcasting program. A good free broadcasting program is called Open Broadcaster Software. Open Broadcaster Software is a free, open source live streaming and recording software. Go to and download the program, preferably the stable version.

openbroadcastingsoftwareCredit: open broadcaster software

After you have finish downloading the program, you will need to install it. I won't walk you through the process of installating since its pretty straightforward. When you have finally finish installing the program, open the program and go to to make sure that the quality of your stream is good since everyone's computer setting is different from one another using the stream setting estimator will ensure good quality for people to view.

Open Broadcaster Software Scenes and Sources

You can start streaming right now, but if you start streaming right now, what people are going to see is a just a big black screen. So, go back to your “Open Broadcaster Software” and look for the “Sources” window which is located on the second window on bottom left of the program. Right-click it and an “Add” tab would come up. To capture your screen for people to see, click on the “Software Capture” enter a name. I just left it, the default name. Next, choose your settings for capturing your screen. I just left mines alone with the default options. Now, you can preview your screen by clicking “Preview Screen” on the bottom right of the program.

But thats not all you can have more than one sources in a scene, to stream with a video camera, go to the “Sources” window again and this time add the “Video Capture Device” option and you'll be able to stream your video camera of yourself on the stream with your screen.

Streaming on TwitchTV


Now, go to your TwitchTV page and click on “Dashboard” there you will see a yellow outline with the words “First time broadcasting? Check out the Streaming Apps” and click on “Streaming Apps” and then click on “Show Key” on the right of the page and highlight the key and copy the key. Then, open your Open Broadcaster Software program and click on settings. Next, go to “Broadcast Settings”. Then click on the “Streaming Service” tabs and a list should open up. You are streaming on TwitchTV so choose Twitch/JustinTV. And on the “Play Path/Stream Key” paste the key on the line and click OK. Then click “Start Streaming” and you'll be broadcasting live for people all over the world to see!