How to strengthen your goals by making them emotional

Achieving your goals will be so much easier


If you look around the internet and search for achieving things in life. You will find a lot of content about goal setting. Which I think is great, it helps to set goals. I am sure that this kind of tactic works for almost everyone out there. I did it myself when I first started and suddenly I was making plans. The steps I had to take became visible which made it a lot easier to take action.

So there I was setting short and long term goals, making to-do-lists. And all that really showed me what was needed to be done to achieve my goals.

If you read content about achieving your goals you will probably come across the SMART method. Which includes making your goal specific. If you say your goal is to obtain freedom. That's not specific. ask yourself questions such as, What does freedom means to me? What will freedom bring me? etc. All that stuff is great but there is so much content on the internet available that I want to skip this part. You probably already know all about it.

After reading all about achieving goals and making plans to do so. I slowed down. I did not take all the actions I wrote down because some of them were not so easy. And at the time I thought they could wait for a week or so. You know how that works, right?

So what I needed was something to give me some more drive. Something that would give me that extra motivation I needed to do everything I needed to do. The goals I set were no joke. Those were things I really wanted from the bottom of my heart. So if I wanted it so bad, why didn't I do it?

Then I came across one of the most valuable things I ever read.

Achieve your goals easier by making them emotional

We all know emotions are very powerful. So we might as well use emotions to achieve our goals. How does that work?

It's simple. Visualize. Visualize specific things. Let's take an example. Let's say you want to obtain freedom? Something you might say if your stuck in a 9 to 5 day job you hate. 

How do you visualize freedom? Your right, you can't. So make it more specific. What does freedom mean to you? What will freedom bring you?

Do you want to spend more time with your family? Then visualize sitting in the park with your family having a pick nick or being there when your new born child takes it's first steps.

Do you want to take your sailboat and travel the world? Then imagine sailing out of the harbor without looking back. Or releasing your anchor at some paradise island in the middle of nowhere.

 These are just examples. Visualize whatever your goal means to you. A specific event that would make you happy.

Doing this will make your goals emotional. And when your goals are emotional you will notice that the drive and motivation you have, to do something that brings you closer to achieving your goals, will be so much stronger. Whenever your having a hard time, just visualize your specific goal and you will have the power to continue.

This is your life, go out there and make of it whatever you want to make of it.