Succeeding at MLM can be a daunting task, especially for the novice to MLM. There are so many opportunities, methods, and even steps to succeed that it can be completely overwhelming. A good way to begin, then, is to first understand exactly what MLM is.

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. You've probably been approached by someone you know at some point in time with what they would describe as a great ground floor opportunity for sharp people like yourself. And this is where the negative perception of MLM is perpetuated. MLM is a method for distributing goods or services that does not rely on the traditional storefront space, but uses people as the distribution channel. Over the years, much has been said about MLM, and many steps have been taken to regulate unethical MLM practices.

Gone are the days of the ponzi scheme, where there is no real product, but merely an opportunity to invest and find others to invest, creating a never-ending flow of interest, income, and eventually, debt. The true MLM opportunity is a legitimate business opportunity, with potential financial rewards, but there are MANY pitfalls to avoid.

Armed with an understanding of what, in general terms, MLM really is, the next step is to seek out compatible companies which you would be proud to represent and share with others. For example, you can visit or many other sources for more. The selection of the MLM opportunity is very important, and the ultimate product or service that you select should be one that you are, if not passionate about, should at least believe in and have a deep interest in and understanding of, so that you can share this.

There are many steps and methods to succeed in MLM, which I will share in future articles, but the one key to success, the real secret of MLM, is that, to succeed and thrive, you must be comfortable and successful at, recruiting others to be a part of your organization. The products and services are the vehicle, but the recruiting is the tool. This may sound harsh, but it's legitimate, honest, and a true part of how to really succeed at MLM.