There are so many diets out there now days that it is very hard to choose one.  There is a study for and against almost every kind of food out there.  Fortunately the paleolithic diet goes back to basics in the food choices you will be making.


Basically you eat what a person living in the Paleolithic era would eat.  Meat, eggs, veggies, fruit and nuts are all acceptable.


The guidelines themselves are very easy to follow on paper but the real challenge comes when your tired and don’t want to cook so you grab something fast and unhealthy.


Here are some tips to succeed:


1.         Have a plan. This sounds like such a simple step that most people just skip over it. Take some time on a set day each week to plan out a menu for the week.


2.         Announce it.  Let people know what you're doing. This serves a few purposes, first it answers why you don’t want a sandwich for lunch. Secondly most people will respect what you're trying to do and not offer you unhealthy treats.  Third, you might just be an inspiration for somebody else to change his or her life.


3.         Change it up. Variety is the spice of life and your diet is no different.  Try different dishes as often as possible. When all you eat is chicken for dinner for weeks on end, a cookie just looks that much more delicious.


4.         Make it hard to cheat.  Do not keep any of the foods that you used to eat stocked in the house.  When you have junk food just sitting in the house it becomes very easy to cheat.  This tip becomes harder when you have a spouse or others in the household that do not support you.


5.         Cheat in moderation.  Changing your lifestyle is a very difficult thing to do. You are accountable to yourself.  It’s ok if you slip up once in a while and have a cupcake. If you follow the plan most of the time you will still be successful.


These are a few things that will help get you started on living a healthier lifestyle and can really be applied to many things in life outside of just your diet.  Best of luck!!!!