If you are anything close to human, your college career will certainly be epic. But, add to that the experience of culturing yourself, impacting the world through volunteerism, or applying your morning’s biology lesson to the Saharan animal tour you took in South Africa, and you are sure to blow minds.

Study abroad programs vary based on length, location, topics of interest, and a slew of other factors. Though the prospect of traveling to exotic places and experiencing culture on a personal level may be intriguing, it is very important to consider your own personality before opting for the most thrilling package.

For instance, a single mother or other non-traditional college student may be more inclined to fill her winter break with a two-week accelerated course in England, while a traditional sophomore undergraduate may choose to embark on an entire semester’s worth of studies in the Australian Outback. Of course, there are a dozen more things to consider, but you are likely to be most happy when matched with a program that suits you best.

Studying abroad is expensive due to costs such as tuition and mandatory travel insurance that are added on top of regular travel and hosting expenses. Fortunately there are ways to reduce the cost of your travel abroad student experience.

First, research the sponsoring institution’s website for clues about which departments offer help with finances. Visit the school’s financial aid department or see if someone can connect you with a person of influence such as the Dean of Students. Make an appointment to visit this person and then plead your case.

Pleading your case can be as simple as sharing your honest reasons for wanting to be a part of the experience. Officials do not expect or need to hear stories about your financial woes. They usually want to know that you are serious about this alternative mode of learning and that you are mature enough to represent the school internationally. If your reasons are built on your hopes to volunteer or if you are traveling for the first time in your life, you will most likely have an easier time getting funded. Most large universities have departments specifically set up for this sort of thing and are well-prepared to update your school account with their contribution instantly.

The college experience carries enough excitement and experiences on its own. However, if you are ready for a change of scenery or to broaden your visionary scope, supercharge your college career by opting to study abroad. You won’t be disappointed in the experience.