Supporting a child from another country is a great feeling as you give them the confidence they need in everyday life. Most of the time companies require you to send money to the child that you are supporting however a simple letter in the mail can give a child the positive support that they need.

Things You Will Need



Step 1

First, go online and search for "Compassion in Jesus' Name", a legit company that allows you to sponsor and support a child.

Step 2

Next, click on "learn more". This will bring you to the next process which allows you to choose the child you want to support. You can categorize by sex, age and country.

Step 3

Talk with an agent from the company if you cannot afford to donate money monthly. There are other ways to support a child simply by writing to a child and being their friend.

Step 4

Write to your child often and include pictures of your family. Tell them about your interests and personality. When a child reads these letters and looks at the pictures it brings a smile to their face and gives them the happiness that they deserve.

Step 5

Lastly, check your mail for a letter from the child you are supporting. You will receive a letter from them three times a year, and a new picture of them once a year to see how much they have grown. In each letter they will tell you about themselves and what they have been doing. They may even include a hand drawn picture.

Things You Will Need

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Tips & Warnings

When deciding to support a child in another country it is important to do proper research before you decide to go with a specific company.  Some companies out there are scams and do not actually send any of the money to a child in need.  Talk to someone at your local church to ensure your money is being dispersed properly.  They can ensure that you go with a company that is legit.  If you are in doubt, “Compassion in Jesus’ Name” is a company that you can trust.

Supporting a child in another country can bring you great joy and pride as you know you are enriching the life of another.  There are events where you can go and meet your child face to face.  This will bring you comfort knowing that you helped raise this little one to the great person that they are becoming.