A weekend full of fun

Of parties, friends and rum

Never enough are the two days

Gone like the wind they blow away

Why so hard, we always ask, on the first day

With the alarm sounding, the agony like doomsday

Pretend it's your birthday

Have fun, laugh, play

These are advice old as cliché

So put on your beret

And listen to what I have to say

Take it with a pinch of salt*!

1. Go slow.

It's only Mo(a)nday and you have 120 hours to get to the end of the work week. Take it slow and easy. Draining your brain too early in the week will only make you depressed.

2. Go with the flow.

Don't think. People spend too much time worrying about deadlines and the things to be achieved for the week. You should go the other way. Mondays are irrational. To-do lists are like new year resolutions, they never get done. Forcing yourself will only backfire, and stifle creativity and diminish productivity levels.

3. Indulge in a snooze.

It has been proven and tested that taking 40 winks in the middle of the day potentially reduces risk of heart-related diseases. If the boss asks, wow him with statistics and articulate with dead-panned seriousness the potential savings you are bringing to the company with less leave days, more work days and higher employee morale.

4. Binge.

My solution to the Monday blues, whenever they strike (which is every Monday), is to eat anything and everything. Ransack the pantry, or stock up on combat ration like I do – marshmallows, popcorn, chips, nuts, biscuits, chocolates, sweets. Revel in orgasmic bliss when the spike in blood sugar and insulen levels hit you like a hurricane. This is a good alternative to the other activity to get that much-needed endorphin rush.

Jumpstart your week and discolor the Monday blues with the above activities! Does anybody out there actually love going to work on Monday? Share with me how you do it!

*salt not included