Organizing a stress-free move

When it comes to moving, most people hate it. Not because we have to move, which in itself is fun and exiting but because it usually involves a lot of stress, exhaustion and quite frankly we usually do not know where to start. I am myself moving now and I really did not know where I was going to start...until a friend of mine told me those simple words: "stop thinking about the big picture, think "one day at a time!". I guess it all clicked for me at that moment and I wanted to share the best way to organize and live a stress-free move.

I came up with a few rules: 

Rule #1: Do not (and I mean, DO NOT) think about the big picture. You will end up stuck on your couch not knowing what to do, where to start or even how to start. So rule #1 is easy. Think about TODAY (, I am going to focus on the bathroom only).

Rule #2: Focus on 1 room at a time. When I started packing, I was all over the place, and I have a big house (more than 3000 sf. of stuff). I was going from one room to the next, without getting much done because I was all over the place. I had to reconsider my strategy. Start with the least important room (if you start packing the kitchen first, you may end up unpacking a few boxes to get to THAT pan :)).

Rule #3: Do not pack your stuff immediately. It sounds crazy since your moving, but moving can also be the perfect moment to uncluttered some of your stuff. So here is my technique: I take a trash bag and start with one room. Anything I do not want to keep, goes in the trash bag. You won't believe the amount of stuff you will put in that trash bag. It's a great way to leg go as well. Great lesson.

Rule #4: Here comes the tricky part of moving. Once you have decided on what to keep and what not to keep; it's time to organize. And when it come to organization, I like to pile. Create little piles in that room. For instance, if you have started with the bathroom, put all the linens together, the shampoos, soaps etc. on the other side and walk your way through your things by categorizing them. Makes life a thousand times easier.

You are now ready to bring the boxes in that room.

Once you have closed the boxes, remember to write on the box what's in the box.....I forgot to do so with the first 6 boxes....a nightmare!

Remember, don't do this in one day, and if you can, allow yourself a few weeks to pack.

Have a great time and remember to take a deep breath....the unpacking is right around the corner :)