When you feel on top of the world you could not imagine how quickly things can come crashing down in just a few seconds. This is what happens. One minute you are riding high without a care in the world then suddenly you are crying your eyes out. The next minute you will be laughing. You are completely out of control. Your heart starts to pound in your chest. You feel as though you have taken your last breath and you are literally freaking out.

If this has happened to you then you may have suffered from a panic attack. You are suddenly scared of shadows, and have no confidence. You cannot understand what is happening. You start gulping air, thinking it will help to settle you down. Wrong. That is the worst thing you can do. You need to sit down and take a few slow breaths and try to relax.

If this is you I would suggest you visit one of your neighbors, a close friend or family member. Explain to them what is happening to you. Have a cup of tea and above all try to relax. If they have never seen anyone going through this they may not be any help in this situation.

Find a Brown paper Bag

I know, it cannot be that simple, or is it? If you find yourself in this situation the best thing is to get a brown paper bag and slowly breathe into this. Try to breathe slowly and the carbon dioxide will increase in the bag. When you breathe in the same air the increased level of carbon dioxide that you are breathing in from the bag will increase the CO2 in your bloodstream and restore your breathing back to normal.

Relax by lying on the bed and playing some relaxing music. Tell yourself that you will be okay; this will help to reassure you.

Hyperventilation - can sneak up on you and can be caused by over excitement, or stressful situations. You may feel dizzy and feel as though you will faint.

Understand the symptoms of a panic attack

A panic attack or may sneak up on you when you least expect it and last more than 10 minutes. Some of the main symptoms of an advanced panic attack may be a combination of the following:

· Chest pain or beating heart

· Dizziness

· Shaking or trembling and sweating

· Tingling sensations

· Feeling hot and cold flashes

· Fear of Losing control

· Fear of dying alone

· Virtually feeling out of control

Panic disorder

This can be more serious. If you feel as though you are losing control and cannot stop worrying about having another panic attack, then you should seek medical advice. Do not try to cope on your own. You should see your doctor. There may not be a problem, although you cannot be too careful.

Pains in the chest

Never disregard any pains in the chest. It may be nothing, but it is best to let the doctor make that decision.