It is proven that most of the students that drop out of college are under financial stress or are acedemically disqualified. Most people drop out during the first month of classes. Don't let this happen to you. I will give you some tips that will keep you active and studious.

Things You Will Need

Open Mind


Work Ethic

Step 1


In order to succeed, you need to study and burn the criteria into your brain. It is recommended that for every hour of class, you will need to spend two hours of study time. Now, I understand two hours may be a lot and your attention might drift. If two is too much, at least study the material for one hour. If you study like this, there will be no need to cram the night before a test.

Step 2

Study Group

Make a study group that meets twice a week. You will learn material faster and easier with friends around to help. This way, questions can be answered or you can quiz eachother.

Step 3

Be Social Be active on and off campus. Participate in campus activities and join a club. Go out with friends for dinner or to the occasional party. Joining clubs or organizations will look great on a resume and will keep you stimulated through out the year.

Step 4

Don't party every night. People experience the freedom of college and forget that they are there for an education. Partying every night will hurt your grades and can potentially hurt you. It only takes one under age to ruin your record. Be smart and only party occasionally.

Step 5

Eat healthy and exercise. I gained the freshman 15. It is real. Since then I have lost the weight, but I now realize what I was doing wrong. Don't eat after 8pm. Eat healthy foods or well cooked dinners. Eat small portions. Stay away from processed food and greasy pizza. Exercise three times a week at the recreation center.

By following these steps, you will have no trouble making it through college. I'm confident that you will get good grades and college will be a fun educational experience. Thanks for reading!

Tips & Warnings

Study after every class as if your test was the following day. Do your homework and don't blow off the readings. Don't stay out too late. Don't eat late. Don't party every night.