Hair loss

Hair loss for a man

Hair loss for a man

How to survive hair loss for a man

Hair loss for a man can be one of the most tragic and depressing things he can go through!

It’s difficult, it’s sad and it’s heartbreaking.

Women tend to think that we men are going to have strong self-confidence and great good will, but the truth is that men too can become depressed over their bodies falling out and losing a little bit of their youth day after day.

It’s not the end of the world; I’ve got some great nutritional tips that would help a man survive such a difficult phase of his life.

  • The first natural and nutritional way to survive hair loss and to halt it a little is to have less male hormones!

Wait a second!!! Aren’t these hormones necessary for us men?

The truth is that they are more than necessary, they are vital for a man.

You need them to make big and strong muscles and to have children and desire for women, but the thing with men losing their hair is that they are going to make too much of them.

This is a bad thing for your hair because it will make the hair grow at a rapid pace every single day, after years of this excessive growth, your hair will start to lose its vitality and it will fall, dead, one after the other until you are left with nothing.

The best natural way I’ve found to counteract this is to eat flax seeds.

Ground flax seeds are great for hair loss because they contain special organic substances, phytoestrogens, called lignans.

These substances will work this way: it will be converted in your colon by good bacteria into anticancer and some of it will stay there and get loaded with excess hormones made by your body.

Then when you have bowl movement, your body will just throw away this excess hormone.

This will not have amazing effects, you will still be experience hair loss, but instead of losing the majority of your hair in three years, you will have the same effect in ten years.

  • The second way to survive hair loss for a man is to distress a little.

When you are stressed out, you are going to lose your hair, like it or not, your body is a machine that will react to the environment it surrounds it.

When you are at work and you have many things to do and many duties to honor, your body is going to work harder and burn more energy.

This is a general state that will also involve your hair.

You can reduce this by drinking some herbal teas in the evening when you come home.

They are a great way to calm your body down and to make you relax and hold your calm.

  • The third natural way is to eat garlic.

Garlic, especially raw garlic is amazing for your hair because it will nourish it from the inside and prevent it from falling prematurely.

Garlic is great because it contains lots of antioxidants, which will prevent the hair from getting damaged by time and oxygen.

You can look at the link provided with this post for more information on how to harvest the goodness of garlic without suffering from its odors and bad taste.