Few tips for skin care

To take a better care of your skin, first you have to find out what skin type you have. Every type has its own needs and special products you have to use.

Dry skin is very soft and sensitive. This is why it needs certain treatment. It is enough to include in your daily routine few tricks, so that your skin will look healthy. All you need is to moisturize it and give it a little bit firmness. In mornings, it is enough to wash your face with warm water, apply a day cream that has a light and soft consistency. Your cream has to contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients and oils and UV protection that will protect our skin from sunlight. In evening, after you removed your make-up, clean your face with a special lotion with calming and moisturizing effect. Next, apply a night cream that has a lot of oils. When you buy a cosmetic product, avoid those with alcohol. Use only products for dry skin. If your skin is very sensible don’t change frequently the products you’re using, use only one brand.

If your skin is normal, you don’t need too much treatment. Mostly you have to prevent immature wrinkles and excess of oils. Your skin doesn’t need a lot of cosmetic products, so don’t exaggerate, you might dry it too much. Also, use products with no alcohol in composition. Use soft products that contain Aloe. In morning wash your face with water of normal temperature. If you want to have a tighter and thicker skin, put a cube of ice on your face and walk it on cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. Don’t wash your face with soaps; there are special products for your skin type that are softer than any soap. After you cleaned it, apply a soft day cream in small amount. Before you go to sleep, you have to remove your make-up. Then clean your face with moisturizing lotion. You can apply once or twice a week face masks. They will clean your skin from dead cells, and will give your skin a beautiful glow. Also, it is recommended to use a scrub cream once in a while.

Combination skin type might seem very problematic, but there is one simple rule you have to follow: moisturize it in dry areas, like cheeks and area around eyes, and dry it in your T area, that is your forehead, nose and chin. In mornings, wash your face with slightly warm or even cold water. Apply lotion on T area using a wool disc. In evening remove your make-up and clean it with a cosmetic soap. You can apply a night cream, but if you’re under 18 or your T area is too greasy, that’s not recommended. You can apply once a week a face mask. It will make your skin look healthier.

Greasy skin has very visible pores and oily glow. It’s common among young people, especially black-haired ones. In your skin care routine, add to apply a special mask for removing blackheads. Scrub creams are also good for cleaning excessive oils and dead cells. If you like wearing make-up, use a dry powder instead of foundation. Using it will prevent that unpleasant oily glow. Cleaning your skin is most important thing. Clean it in mornings and in evenings carefully, with products for your skin type. Through the day, use a cosmetic napkin to remove sebum. For your skin type, specialists recommend products with herbal extracts.