Here are some great tips to break through roadblocks

cardio endurance

This article is for those people who have worked out consistently and who have plateaued.
I've used these techniques to start running from 1km gasping for dear life to eventually completing the Toronto Marathon. 
1. Slowly increase the cardio machine's speed or height to increase your cardio endurance. For example,  if u were running at 6 for 30 minutes in your last session this time you should run at 6.1 or 6.2 for the last 10 minutes. Slowly keep on running by increasing in every way possible each workout if possible.
2. Use light weights. When I say light I mean 5's. It may not seem like a lot but doing this cardio weight lifting for over 30 min to an hour you'll feel difference in terms of exhaustion!
3. Switch between cardio machine  exercises i.e. if you run mainly change to the bike or elliptical, this will work different leg muscles more intensely.
4. Time for the hot suit. As I was climbing to my goal towards running a marathon I clearly noticed when I would get good times vs okay ones. When I'm feeling that heat from the sun, I run out of energy way quicker than normal. We can't always have the sun available when training but we can get a sauna suit and have a similar effect. Trust me,  if you were looking to be challenged you must follow this tip
5. Believe it and you will achieve it. Set that goal in your mind of a specific time or specific average speed or distance. Many times I've set the specific time or calorie amount in my mind and not only reached it, I beat it and I'm far from some genetic freak.  Focus as you are starting your cardio session on the specific number all through the exercise.

6. Map out a run. Instead of pounding the treadmill or elliptical go outside and get some fresh air. This is not possible in all climates but for most of us mapping out a run in our neighbour is quite possible. The change in scenery and being out in nature can change your perspective and break you out of the monotony of using machines for cardio. What I did was  I created a square on a map and used my house as the start and finish line. When I was bored with that route I would run the opposite way so that the places I would normally see at the end of my run I would see first.

6. Don't get discouraged. I don't care how ready you were beforehand there are certain days your legs will feel like lead and you will not do as well as you hoped. On many occasions no matter how much rest and how well I ate I just couldn't beat my earlier running time. It's going to happen just accept it and try again the next session. Be happy you got some more training in and move on!.

7. Is that rude boy talking to me? When you are struggling during your run please make a note on how the negative self talk gets stronger and stronger. That internal critic has a role but 99% of the time it robs us of our potential. Ask yourself would you take someone else  talking to you that harshly?  Probably not, so don't let your negative  inner voice dominate. Take control slow down a little and focus.

Smashing through a plateau is something can be done gradually through stressing the body in various ways and developing the mental clarity to continue on.
So do it now,take these tips and  get out there and break through your limitations or standby and watch as someone else pass you by.