Take Decisions.

Decisions are the keys to unlock the treasures of happiness and wealth that is stored in the vault known as life. The problem with decision making is that we use it so sparingly that we have forgotten the art of making decisions. So, how do we relearn this crucial aspect of life ? By making more and more decisions. Though it is not guaranteed that all the decisions you make are going to succeed, you will learn from each one of them. Every time you take a decision, the feeling that you are in control of your life will come to dominate your mind and this confidence will help you move to the next level in life.

You have often heard the cliche that knowledge is power. But when ? You get the power when you decide to act upon it. Success truly is the result of good judgement. Good judgement is the result of experience and experience is often the result of bad judgement.While making decisions, it is always important to focus on the long term with whatever life gives you at the present.Most of the problems we face in life is due to our focus on the short term. Drinking, smoking and drugs are always the decisions we take to gain immediate pleasure.

When taking decisions, what seems to be impossible  in the short term may well be possible in the long term. When you face a problem, where you don't have a choice, make it a point to take a decision, and a wise one. Most successful persons take decisions quickly as they know what they want in life and at the same time are slow to change them.They also show a flexible approach when what they have decided doesn't bear fruit and have alternatives at hand.


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Manipulate Joy and Sorrow to your Advantage

Everything we do in life is controlled by two important factors, namely Joy and Sorrow.We take certain decisions so that we can avoid sorrow or to bring us joy. When you procrastinate, you are telling yourself that the job at hand involves more of sorrow associated with it. The secret of success lies in manipulating the two emotions of joy and sorrow to our advantage. If you wish to get rid of a bad habit, then linking massive amount of sorrow with that act can make you avoid indulging in it.

How we interpret our acts of joy and sorrow depends on our beliefs.And our beliefs are the indicators that tell what will lead us to joy or sorrow. To expand our positive beliefs  we need to model our lives  based on those who are already succeeding. Most people are insecure because they are worried about losing what they possess. The only true security in life comes from knowing that every day we are improving in some way, even if it is only a very small measure.

Ask questions

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Asking Questions

If your life seems to be heading towards a dead-end, asking yourself what can make you by-pass the dead-end and guide you to a great future may provide you with an answer like, I don't have a great future ? or I am stuck in this present condition. Now, for a moment consider an alternate suggestion like, Nothing is permanent in life. This too shall pass. You tend to feel lighter, and you are motivated to think of options you would not have considered with the previous state of mind.Always keep in mind, nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it.

All the day of our lives we are asking and answering questions though we fail to notice it because it has become a reflex action that needs no proding. But most questions we ask day in and day out are negative in nature and therefore get a negative answer. So, if we want to see real improvement in life, we need to change our habitual questions. One effective way to transform is to model our questions the way those people who are happy in life  ask themselves. Why are they happy ?  Because  they are asking questions consistently that make them happy.

If you are disturbed and worried, the most appropriate thing to do will be to ask the question, What made me feel this way and what I can do to erase this feeling ? And the most important part is to ask what lessons I could learn from this situation so that it does not recur again.The only thing that limits your questions is your belief about what is possible. But there is a point at which you should stop asking questions and take action. Otherwise it might hinder your progress.