how to help relieve stress

the benefits of solitude

There is a certain aspect of freedom that we can only find by trapping ourselves away from the rest of the world.  For me it is a stress reliever a welcomed opportunity to just simply be and I have learned to welcome and appreciate taking a time out to rest and tend to my needs, get my game plan back together before diving into life again.

Solitude is not the same thing as loneliness, but often time’s people get them confused. They think alone time is like a punishment and rejection, and they feel lonely. However it is not, you do not need to be with others constantly, but you should have good solid relationships and friends you can go to for chill time so that being alone is not forced because of a lack of companionship. You will learn to enjoy a moment to yourself to recharge and be who you are. Not to mention there are a lot of great benefits from spending time alone.

When your time is not shared you can make your own decisions, you are able to find out what you like and what makes you, you. Those little quirks and Ideals that make your personality and even your values are best created and concreted when you reflect by yourself. That unique personality that others admire about you is created while you are alone. Certain tasks like homework and memory storing is best done when there are no distractions or interruptions.

 You are able to think, and be creative. It is like moving the focus in a picture from the background to the flower in front and then even more until we can see little details we have never noticed before. Our Focus changes from things around us, and we can reflect analyze and invent new thoughts.  When we are alone we can focus and create, yes even us social butterflies. Noticeable affects can be seen by your friends when you have taken some time out to think about things and make them into something new.

So where can you go and what can you do to get the most out of your alone time? It really doesn’t matter; just somewhere you’re not distracted and feel comfortable. You can be in the shower on the treadmill, eating, reading, on a mountain top, in the car, or on your bed staring out at the stars. You can take up a new hobby, photography, sports or exercise, reading, sailing, camping, cooking, drawing, working on cars, something that is putting your energy into a positive direction so you feel good about your accomplishments and look forward to your time. Don’t veg in front of the T.V. or computer, make your mind active! You will surprise yourself with your brilliance as you’re alone in the shower.

When you are alone you are more aware of your emotions and thoughts, and it allows you to connect things people and memories with emotions, making lasting memories, and improving moods as well as grades. When you allow your mind to focus, being alone will become an enticing oasis capable of helping you get organized and therefore relieving stress. So do yourself a favor and make a moment that you can call your own to help add some balance to your life.